32 Great Facts about Rabbits

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We always look upon these creatures as the furry and cute carrot eating critters. These might be the one domesticated or from the wild but it’s surprising to know that there are about 180 breeds of rabbits that exist in the world. They are able to dig sophisticated tunnels, grow about 9 kilograms in weight, and are even capable of eating their own poop. Let’s dive straight into a more interesting facts list.

32 Great Facts about Rabbits

Source : unsplash.com

1. Kit or kitten

There are different names for each one of the gender. The female adult is termed as a doe, the male adult is called a duck and babies are known as kit or kitten. No matter how much variety we find in their name we still know them as bunnies only.

2. Live underground in the wild

Staying in the nest keeps them safe from the predators. They dig tunnels and join them with the other rabbit tunnels. These tunnels have rooms connected with them and in these the rabbits live and nest. These burrow networks are called warren.

Source : unsplash.com

3. Ears rotate 180 degree

This enables them to listen, making their ears stick straight up. When relaxed the ears droop a bit and even turn sideways. When scared then put their ears straight back which are flat to their bodies, it makes themselves look as small as possible.

4. Bunny Island

In Japanese there is a small island known as Okunoshima, where 1,000 buns live together.
In this place hurting, hunting or harming then is strictly restricted. Having other animals on the island is not allowed to ensure the safety of the rabbits.

Source : unsplash.com

5. Don’t like to be pet

They are prey animals and don’t have a lot of defenses. Though you love your rabbits, it makes them highly alert for predators. Being held can scare them as it makes them feel like they are getting captured.

6. Not silent always

We have an impression about rabbits being the silent type but that’s not true they do have a wide vocal range. They make a grunting sound while they are happy. Also they can squeal, hiss, cluck, hum and whimper.

Source : unsplash.com

7. Ever growing teeth

Their teeth keep on growing and hence you see in the wild the rabbits are chewing stumps, barks and branches to keep their teeth short. In the same way you need to have wooden blocks, chew toys and hay for your pet rabbits too.

8. Eat Carrots occasionally

We can’t feed carrots to rabbits everyday as they are high on sugar and it might lead to tooth decay. So they have a diet that includes grass, greens and other fibrous foods too.

Source : unsplash.com

9. Run with force

They have the gifted ability to hop, making them jump 3 feet high in the air and 10 feet forward. This is amazing for an animal that lives so close to the ground.

10. Social animal

It’s not just their warrens that are connected but also they love to connect with humans and have other rabbit friends around. If you can’t get them a friend rabbit then you need to give them more time in order to not make them feel lovely and bored.

Source : unsplash.com

11. Eyes to the sides of head

It’s like a 360 degree wide picture for them though looking right in front is quite a task but looking behind is pretty simple for them. This vision keeps them safe from predators.

12. Good at grooming

They can be seen licking their paws and cleaning their face and ears too. The tongue is used to clean their fur then can do this a few times in a single day.

Source : unsplash.com

13. Quick escape plan

Just sitting in the natural habitat eating some grass and not being aware about the surroundings would look like they aren’t attentive. But when they choose a location to eat, the exit plan is already decided. In case a danger appears they have a place to run off quickly.

14. Sleep with open eyes

This keeps their receptors still working and any fluctuations in the lighting, a shadow of the predators can wake them up instantly. This might trick the animals to think that they are still awake and won’t attack.

Source : unsplash.com

15. Love playtime

In the wild tej bunnies are seen frolicking and chasing each other in the fields. So if you are planning to have it as a pet make sure you play a lot or if that it is impossible for you to get another rabbit friend.

16. Guinea pigs don’t get along

The two don’t communicate in the same way which makes their signals get misinterpreted. This can cause aggressive behaviour and stressed out animals.

Source : unsplash.com

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17. Need space to exercise

In their young age they do need some space to exercise like hop and jump. If they don’t do so their bones might get weak and break off soon in the older age.

18. Ancient Romans first owned Rabbits

There are no clear dates on when they were first domesticated but evidence shows it was first done by the ancient Romans. They were owned as companions 2,000 years later.

Source : unsplash.com

19. Breed like rabbits

The female rabbit can reproduce as young as four month old and be pregnant again after one month. And eight after the delivery the female is ready to bear babies again.

20. Wild rabbits Swim and climb trees

Climbing on the tree isn’t for fun but for them to look for food. And swimming happens only when there is a life and death situation where they need to save their lives.

Source : unsplash.com

21. Rabbits are illegal in Queensland, Australia

They are considered to be a threat to agricultural activities as well as the other endangered native species. It is only allowed for public entertainment or scientific purposes for you to have a rabbit as a pet.

22. Difficulty in digestion

Their diet is pretty healthy with leafy greens, fruits and fibers and so they need a great amount of hay and soft droppings called cecotropes for digestion.

Source : unsplash.com

23. Different personalities

Just like us rabbits have distinctive personalities too. Some might be joyful, clever, timid and playful. Their character traits also depend upon their breed at times.

24. Communicate through body moments

It’s likely that a rabbit would understand each other mostly through body movements. They blink when they are extremely happy and hunch when they wish to be groomed. They only make sound when hurt or in pain which means it’s time for a vet.

Source : unsplash.com

25. Special vet

Since they are non vocal it becomes hard for the vets to assess them. So a special veterinarian who has experienced in rabbits would be the best option.

26. Longest rabbit

Darius received the title of the ‘world’s longest rabbit’ by Guinness World records. His owner is Annette Edwards, a 68 year old who breeds giant rabbits at home.

Source : unsplash.com

27. Heaviest rabbit

Ralph won the title of ‘the world’s heaviest rabbit’ in the year 2013 which is 25kg. Roberto and Amy are the parents to this rabbit.

28. 10 to 12 year of lifespan

They are not just known for their fertility and rebirth, not also for the long life span. The lifespan of a dog is similar to that of a rabbit.

Source : unsplash.com

29. Common Easter gift

It’s not just painted eggs and rabbit shaped chocolates one can even get rabbits as Easter gifts. If people fail to keep them with care they tend to set them free. This makes them the third most abandoned animals in the US.

30. The rabbit died means a positive pregnancy test

During the early period of the 1920s, scientists used to inject a woman’s urine inside a rabbit to see how it responds. To know the result the rabbit had to be dissected. Which means a sacrifice of a rabbit is a must to know if you are pregnant or not.

Source : unsplash.com

31. Bugs Bunny the most popular rabbit

The cartoon which is popular for its brain and mischievous behaviour. And is most known for the catch phrase “what’s up doc?”

32. Princess Diana had a pet rabbit

In the documentary “story of Diana” streaming on Netflix shows a scene where the princess is seen kissing and cuddling the white rabbit.

Just like they are so fluffy and cute they do need some love and care too. Keeping them as a pet would require some expertise on their behaviour and time to spend with them. If you are ready to give that much effort then you are good to go.

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