18 Facts about Amitabh Bachchan

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The legendary actor of all times who steps into several shoes let that be an actor, television host, producer, or playback singer he knows how to slay it all. He has been on the top of the list for almost five decades now. The collection of his blockbuster movies will be covered in this article. But let’s look at some teeny tiny facts about this massive superstar.

18 Facts about Amitabh Bachchan

1. Works with both hands

People who have the ability to use both left and right hands equally to work are termed ambidextrous. The chances of being a natural ambidextrous person are just one percent.

2. Greatest star of the screen

The actor has played roles in more than 200 Indian films till today. For his phenomenal performance, he has been called the actor of the millennium which was a poll conducted by the BBC. Amongst some well-known celebrities like Robert de Niro, Govinda, Charlie Chaplin, and Marilyn Monroe it was Amitab who was voted.

3. Vegetarian and Teetotaler

He doesn’t consume any kind of meat let that be red meat, poultry, insects, seafood or any other animal flesh as he is a hardcore vegetarian. Also, the actor doesn’t consume alcohol he left drinking around 40 years ago.

4. Almost died

During the shoot of coolie he suffered from a fatal injury that caused a splenic rupture. The doctors soon declared him clinically dead but later he was revived by injecting adrenaline in his heart. A few months later the actor recovered completely.

5. Wax model at Madame Tussaud

Mr. Bacchan is the first Indian actor to have his wax statue displayed here in the year 2002. Later his statues were installed in many other places like New York, Washington DC, Hong Kong & Bangkok, and Delhi.

6. Angry young man

In his movie, Zanjeer Amitab played the role of a violent and aggressive man. This was a depiction of the angry people due to corruption. By doing this role the audience named him as the Angry young man of Indian cinema.

7. The road to success

Acting wasn’t really handed over to the superstar that easily; he actually switched multiple career options before he became a superstar. At first, he applied as a news reader in AIR but failed then he became a business executive later he started performing in theatre before stepping onto the big screen.

8. Origin of his name

Sumitranandan pant, a great poet, suggested the name Amitab to his father. The actor’s real surname was Srivastava but his father adopted a pen name Bachchan as he was against the caste system. In the same way, while joining school his parents registered Amitab with the surname Bachchan.

9. Most double role

Among other film stars, Amitab has played the highest number of double roles on screen. In one of his movies ‘Mahaan’ which was in 1983, he even played a triple role.

10. International honours

He has received the highest civilian knight of the Legion of Honour from the French government. Well, the actor even has a scholarship under his name in La Trobe University Australia from the year 2014.

11. Stationery obsession

It’s surprising to know that the actor is extremely passionate about collecting pens and watches. His total collection remains over 1000 pens. The German company Mont Blanc bestows a pen on him every year on his birthday.

12. Jalsa

You wouldn’t know that his current residence also wasn’t always his own but was gifted by director Ramesh Sippy instead of his payment for the movie ‘Satte pe Satta’

13. First owner of vanity van

The actor was given the very first vanity van by Manmohan Desai as a gift.

14. Re -make films

The Super Hit movie ‘Sholay’ which was released in 1975 had a remake of it named ‘Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag’ in which Amitab played a role in 2007. He starred as the villain in the film ‘Aag’.

15. Voice Narrator 

The very first thing that Mr. Bachchan did in the film industry was voice narration which was in Mrinal Sen’s Bhuvan Shome in the year 1969. In the movie Shatranj ke Khiladi, Satyajit Ray used his voice in the year 1977.

16. Struggling days 

During his struggling days, Mehmood was a mentor to him and even gave him some space to stay in his own house.

17. Great connections 

He was given the role of a mute by Sunil Dutt for the movie Reshma aur Shera because of a letter of introduction from PM Indira Gandhi to a friend Nargis.

18. Health issues 

He is known to be suffering from Asthma. He even has a muscular disorder known as myasthenia gravis.


The actor is a well-blended combination of a tall, booming voice, extraordinary persona, and intense eyes. This certainly makes him the busiest actor of all appearing in movies, recording songs, and doing advertisements keeps him busy all day.

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