12 Facts about Sonu Sood

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The actor who has been popular in Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu films was also awarded on several occasions for his phenomenal acting talent. Dabangg and Jodha Akbar have been the greatest hits of his career. He is not only an actor but also a producer and model. During the coronavirus pandemic, the actor turned into a messiah helping each and everyone in all possible ways. Let’s get to know the actor a bit more today.

12 Facts about Sonu Sood

1. Punjab state icon

The actor was appointed as the Punjab state icon by the election commission in November 2020. The commission is of a firm belief that they have chosen the real hero of the people as its state icon

2. Resembles Big B

When Sonu started his career in the film industry the industry experts referred to him as the mirror image of Amitabh Bachchan. Being compared to a legend like Amitab is a huge compliment for the actor.

3. Wrote a memoir

During the COVID period, Sonu worked like a real hero by helping the migrants reach back home during the lockdown. After which he even wrote a memoir named ‘ I am not Messiah’ along with the co-author Meena Iyer. The book is a brief journey of his life and how he became an actor and further a philanthropist.

4. Debut as Bhagat Singh

In the movie Shaheed- E – Azam in the year 2002 the role of Bhagat Singh was played by Sonu Sood. However, due to the controversies in Punjab and Haryana, the movie was never released.

5. Highly educated family

Sonu’s mother is a college professor in Punjab, his sister is a scientist and he himself has studied electrical engineering at the Yashwantrao Chavan College of Engineering Nagpur.

6. Struggling days

In the initial period of moving to Mumbai from Punjab, he just earned a small sum of four thousand five hundred rupees per month. Before becoming an actor he was amongst the top five finalists of the “Grasim Mr India”.

7. Married Sonali Sood

Sonali isn’t so well known but she stands as a strong pillar beside Sonu in his journey of Bollywood. The power couple has always stayed away from the eyes of the paparazzi. They are even blessed with two sons Ayanna and Eshan.

8. Doesn’t smoke, drink or eat nonveg

He prefers having a healthy lifestyle. Sonu is a gym freak, he follows a stringent fitness routine. Kickboxing and playing guitar are the two things he loves doing.

9. Extremely Religious

The actor is a firm believer in Lord Ganesh. During the period when his mother expired he didn’t pray at all for four years straight.

10. Controversies

It was reported that he walked away from the movie Manikarnika as Kangana Ranaut implicated that Sonu didn’t wish to work with a female director.

11. Ilaaj India

This was the initiative started by the star during the second wave of COVID-19. Through this, he provided healthcare services to needy people including oxygen concentrators, medicines, hospital beds, ICU beds, oxygen cylinders, and a lot more.

12. Social media application

Explurger is a social media platform that was started by Sonu Sood. This application was launched in June 2022, it’s major target is the wanderlusts, and had the tagline ‘Yahan nahi toh social nahi’.

An actor who has it all from a good physique to a nice and stable mindset. Sonu has been a guiding light for almost all the migrant laborers who were lost during the covid period and this is what has made him a godly figure for them. Not just a celeb in the Bollywood industry but even works as a director and producer in the fraternity. If we look at such superstars we really feel touched by the work they are doing and how they surely deserve to be called as a hero.

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