14 Facts About Boman Irani

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The actor first faced the camera at the gate of 42. He started his career as a theater artist and then moved into films in the year 2000. The movie Munna Bhai MBBS got him a lot of fame for his comic role, and later, he even had a role in Lage Raho Munna Bhai, for which he even received many IIFA nominations. The 3 Idiots star has also spoken about his speech problem. He suffered from dyslexia and didn’t really perform well academically. Let’s get to know this superstar more.

14 Facts About Boman Irani

1. Melodious voice

One of the hidden talents that Boman Irani has is singing. With his melodious voice, he has made a large fan following and performed several stage shows as well. 

2. Helpful son

During his childhood, Boman used to help his mother out at their farsan shop. He provided assistance for 12 years at the family-owned store called ‘Golden Wafers,’ which was in Grant road.

3. Click click

Counting his talents, here comes a new one that is photography. He is a professional photographer who covers several events. He got himself a camera from working at the hotels. And so he started clicking pictures of school sports, cricket, and football and sold them for ₹20 to ₹30. At 32, he got the chance to shoot the world cup championship. For the world cup, he was the official photographer.

4. Suffered from dyslexia

From a young age, he was identified as having dyslexia. Even he suffered from ADHD and lisp at an early age. But today, we see him as an established actor who has overcome these hardships.

5. Fame 

For his phenomenal acting in Munna Bhai MBBS as doctor Asthana, he received a lot of fame. It’s no doubt how wonderfully he pulled the character off.

6. Prior careers 

Before he got into the movies, he used to work as a waiter at Taj Mahal Palace, where he served for two years. He even helped his mom at their farsan shop for 12 years. 

7. Famous roles

The blockbuster movies like Munna Bhai MBBS and 3 Idiots have been the epitome of his career. 

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8. Began acting late

It’s true that Boman started his acting career at the age of 35. Before joining, he played in several theaters and theater groups. He made his debut in 2003 with the movie called ‘Darna Mana hai’ which was a horror thriller film. 

9. The offer

The actor was signed for the role of Dr. Asthana from Munna Bhai MBBS even before it was scripted. At that time, Vindu Vinod Chopra offered him around two lakhs.

10. Several projects

He needs no introduction to the field of cinema. The witty choices of his roles make him stand out. He has appeared in 88 movies altogether and is still contributing more and more to the cinema.

11. Controversies

The actor was once caught up in a controversy in 2014 when Mumbai police probed that his eldest son Danesh was involved in a 42 crore Qnet scam. But the actor later clarified it was nothing as such.

12. Number saved as…

His kids have saved Boman’s number as ‘Where are you?’ Because the actor often calls them and asks the same and even texts them about it. 

13. Son’s movies

His son Kayoze has been seen in the movie ‘Student of the year,’ ‘Youngistaan’ and ‘The Legend of Micheal Mishra.’ 

14. Talent spotted

The famous choreographer Shiamak Dawar saw his hidden acting talent and even advised him to go to the theatre. This is how his journey into the industry got started. 


When it comes to superstars in Bollywood, Boman Irani is quite a name. He turns out to be a famous artist, actor, photographer, and great theater artist. His versatile roles keep us on our toes and amaze us always. 

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