13 Facts about Farah Khan

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Farah Khan being a big name in the industry is a choreographer turned director. She is precisely known for her bindas and straightforward attitude in the industry. She even has made some great bonds with SRK, Karan Johar, and Akshay Kumar who never miss a chance to pamper her. But life wasn’t always this glittery for her; she made the bare minimum to make her family survive after the death of her father due to alcoholism.

13 Facts about Farah Khan

1. Scared of needles

The badass of Bollywood is actually scared of needles and she often requests the doctors not to give her injections.

2. International accomplishments

She has worked in international films like ‘Monsoon Wedding’ and ‘Vanity Fair’. Even the movie Bombay Dreams that she choreographed got her the best choreographer nomination at the Tony Awards back in 2004.

3. Production Company

The couple started their own production company named the ‘Three’s Company’ which was in honor of their triplets – son Czar, and daughters Anya and Diva.

4. Acting career

She made her debut in the Karan Johar film ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ where she did a cameo as a college student who makes fun of Anjali (Kajal). After this she even made a full-fledged role in the comedy movie ‘Shirin Farhad ki toh nikal padi’ starring along with Boman Irani.

5. Directorial debut

She did her movie directorial movie ‘Main Hoon Na’ in 2004 which got her the Filmfare Best Director nomination. After Mira Nair, she was the second female to receive the nomination for this category.

6. Premier Choreography

This happened to her in the most unexpected way. As Saroj Khan who was the choreographer for Mansoor Khan’s directorial venture ‘Jo jeeta wohi Sikandar’ had left for Kodaikanal, leaving the shoot of the song ‘Pehla Nasha’ in the middle. So, the project fell into the hands of the assistant Farah Khan. She was just 27 years old when she took this responsibility and showed no signs of nervousness giving the people a memorable piece.

7. Cousins

The actor has first cousins Zoya Akhtar and Farhan Akhtar. Her mother Menaka Irani, is the sister of Honey Irani the screenwriter (Farhan’s mother), and the child actor Daisy Irani.

8. Parents Separation

She was just 5 when her parents decided to part ways due to which she and her brother Sajid Khan had to shuttle between their parent’s homes.

9. Contribution to industry

She has made some entertaining movies like ‘Main Hoon Na’, ‘Om Shanti Om’, ‘Happy New Year’ and a lot more. She even made the iconic songs ‘Chal chaiyya chaiyya’ (Dil se) and ‘Woh ladki hai kahan’ (Dil chahta hai).

10. Multi talented

She is one of the most talented people in the industry. She is a well known choreographer, an actor, director, judge for a couple of shows and even host for talk shows.

11. Trained International dancers

It’s not just Bollywood that dances to her tune but even Hollywood does. She has choreographed Kylie Minogue for the song ‘Chiggy wiggy’ for the movie ‘Blue’ with the co- star Akshay Kumar. She even Choreographed Pop singer Shakira for MTB Awards 2006 in New York at Radio City.

12. History

Her father was a huge filmmaker until he put all his savings in the movie ‘Aisa bhi hota hai’ in 1971 which was a big flop. They lost all their money and their mother had to sell off her jewelry to make a living. In those days she lived a mediocre life until she became successful.

13. Awards

She won the competition for Indian entry to the ‘World Dance Championship’ back in 1986. She and Hemu Sinha, her partner, went to the UK for this competition and won the ‘Friendship duo’ for being friendly to her fellow participants. Somewhere the story of the movie ‘Happy New Year’ is around the same storyline.


The lady who has completed more than 25 golden years in showbiz and made every work a super hit. Being a happy-go-lucky person she is enjoying her married life with Shirish Kuner and three lovely children.

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