12 Facts about Kareena Kapoor Khan

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When it comes to Bollywood Kareena Kapoor is one of the most versatile actors. You can find her performance to be flawless and passionate right from playing poo in ‘Kabhi Khushi kabhi gham’ to Professor Avantika in ‘Kurbaan’. She has some of the biggest hits of Hindi cinema. Let’s find out more about her today.

12 Facts about Kareena Kapoor Khan

1. Nailbiter

It’s true that Kareen could be seen biting her nails off during shoots or dance sequences. Well, nail biting is surely an annoying childhood habit that she just can’t get rid of.

2. Found love on the sets of Tashan

Even though she has worked on many projects with Saif Ali Khan like LOC: Kargil, Omkara but it wasn’t until Tashan that she realized she had fallen in love. While filming she just fell for his charm and lost her heart.

3. Enjoys home-cooked food

Bing a Punjabi she enjoys all her meals with a spoon full of ghee let that be dal chawal or aloo ka paratha. She even enjoys eating South Indian food a lot.

4. An ultimate yoga queen

Her Instagram provides quite evidence of this. She has a capacity to do 50 Surya namaskar at once and can even hold tough asanas for up to 30 seconds. Even after her pregnancy she continued yoga and made Saif and Taimur join her too.

5. Knows Professional singing

Though we might have not seen her singing in front of the camera, she once worked as a playback singer for one of her tracks titled Jab nahi aaye from the movie Dev. She is even the author of two books namely The Style Diary of a Bollywood Diva and The Ultimate Pregnancy Bible for moms. This shows how versatile she is right from being an actor, singer, and author.

6. Turned down some films

She was offered movies like Kaho na Pyaar hai, Kal ho na ho, and Queen but she turned them down. Even though the actors who played these roles did a phenomenal job, we still wonder what Kareen would look like in these movies.

7. Acting wasn’t the premiere choice

She was confused between choosing commerce and law. She even studied a short course in Microcomputers at Harvard University right before entering into the Bollywood industry.

8. Kareena isn’t her original name

When she was born her grandfather Raj Kapoor named her Siddhima. But her mother later changed her name to Kareena taking inspiration from Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina.

9. Two year break

Taking a break is always necessary so she did that with her husband in London. After this vacation, she gave a bang on performance with her movie Veere Di Wedding. Her fans were turned by her performance on stage.

10. Pregnancy couldn’t stop her

While she announced pregnancy in 2012 she even made it very clear that this won’t stop her from working. She worked through this face and it inspired a lot of young females. She is therefore a symbol of proud motherhood and womanhood.

11. Became a vegetarian once

While dating Shahid Kapoor she became a vegetarian. Shahid is a vegetarian himself and might have quite impressed her to practice the same.

12. Doesn’t like action

She always makes the point to impress her fans with her on-screen dance performances and romantic scenes. Though she is not a big fan of action movies. She said that she would love to do a role in an action film someday. Uma Thurman is her favorite Hollywood actress. She believes that she is not as Swift as this actress is.


Kareena remains to be one of the most hard-working females of the industry who has made her way to the top. Her nickname is Bebo by her family. She has been in the industry for more than a decade now. Grabbing the spotlight in both her personal and professional life Kareena always makes our jaws drop.

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