10 Facts about India in the Commonwealth Games

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India is rich in its culture, as well as in the line of sports. India has a vast history in sports. Some are known where as some are still unknown to today’s generation. Games like Gilli Danda, lagori, silambam, jallikattu, vallamkali, thang ta, etc… I must say many of you reading this are unknown of some of these sports. These are some unknown Indian traditional sports. Let’s talk about the commonwealth games. How many of you know about the commonwealth games? I guess many of you might know about it. Still, let’s discuss some main points one should know about the commonwealth games.

A multi-sport international competition held every four years for athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations, the Commonwealth Games are also known as the Friendly Games or simply the Comm Games. The event was originally conducted in 1930 and has since been held every four years, except in 1942 and 1946 (both of which were postponed owing to World War II). British Empire Games, British Empire, Commonwealth Games, and British

Commonwealth Games were the names of the competitions from 1930 to 1950, 1954 to 1966, and 1970 to 1974, respectively. The Commonwealth Games became the first completely inclusive international multi-sport competition in 2002 when athletes with disabilities were accepted as full members of their country teams.

The Commonwealth Games will be held in Birmingham on December 21, 2022, according to the official announcement. After Manchester in 2002 and London in 1934, England will host the Commonwealth Games for the third time with this event. In 2026 Victoria is going to host the commonwealth games.

The games included in the Commonwealth are

1.3×3 Basketball

2.3×3 Wheelchair Basketball

3. Aquatics-diving

4. Aquatics-swimming and para-swimming

5. Athletics and para-athletics

6. Badminton

7. Beach volleyball

8. Boxing

9. Cricket T20

10. Cycling – Mountain Bike

11. Cycling – Road

12. Cycling – Track and para-track

13. Gymnastics – Artistic

14. Gymnastics – Rhythmic

14. Hockey

15. Judo

16. Lawn bowls and para-Lawn bowls

17. Netball

18. Para powerlifting

19. Rugby Sevens

20. Squash

21. Table tennis and para-Table tennis

22. Triathlon and para-Triathlon

23. Weightlifting

24. Wrestling

10 Facts about India in the Commonwealth Games

1. At the quadrennial event, India has a long history

Now that India has had one of the best World Athletics Championships in history, it is time for the much-anticipated Commonwealth Games 2022, which are scheduled to start on July 28. Neeraj Chopra of India finally won a medal in the World Championships after 19 long years. The Long Jump competition was won by Anju Bobby George in 2003.

2. Make your Commonwealth Games debut

It’s time for the much-awaited Commonwealth Games 2022, which are set to begin on July 28 after India had one of the greatest World Athletics Championships in history. After 19 arduous years, Indian Neeraj Chopra got a medal in the World Championships. Anju Bobby George took first place in the Long Jump in 2003.

3. India wins its first CWG medal

It was none other than the “Flying Sikh,” Milkha Singh, who triumphed in Cardiff in 1958 to bring India its first gold medal. The illustrious athlete has also earned several medals in Asian Games in the past.

4. First medal ever won by a woman at the CWG.

Ami Ghia and Kanwal Thakar Singh won the first CWG medal for an Indian women’s team in badminton history. They won bronze in Edmonton, Canada, in 1978. The men’s singles gold medal won by Prakash Padukone, however, is what will make that edition most memorable.

5. The second gold medal won by India at the CWG.

Krishna Poonia, a discus thrower, won India’s second gold medal in 2010 in a competition held in Delhi. It took 52 years for this gold to appear. She didn’t make it to the finals at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, but at the 2010 CWG, she made history.

6. In two instances, India went home empty-handed.

Only twice, in 1938 (Sydney) and 1954, did India leave the CWG without receiving any medals (Vancouver). India has always taken home at least a medal in the CWG, except for these two occasions.

7. India’s total number of medals in the history of the Commonwealth.

India has won 503 medals overall thus far. Players would want to raise the total this time since the figures are astounding. Despite the absence of Shooting and Archery from the current edition, one can count on the squad to give their all in the remaining competitions.

8. Indian sportsperson has the greatest record in the CWG.

Jaspal Rana, a shooter, has so far had the best success for India in the CWG. The Commonwealth Games have seen him earn 15 medals. At the national and international levels, he has amassed almost 600 medals altogether. At barely 18 years old, the great shooter got the Arjuna Award for his outstanding performance at the Hiroshima Asian Games in 1994, when he won a gold medal.

9. Participants in the 2022 CWG in terms of numbers.

This time in Birmingham, there are 322 participants, which is a respectable amount. The largest representation of the country came from Delhi, India, where 495 athletes competed in the 2010 CWG.

10. India’s overall CWG record performance.

Since the Manchester, England, CWG in 2002, India has never finished lower than fifth in the medal count. India has consistently improved since 2000 in terms of performance at the Commonwealth Games. With the hope of winning more gold medals than in the last competition, competitors are optimistic about putting on another outstanding performance this time.


The Commonwealth Games are an elite multi-sport competition including competitors from all over the world and are run by the Commonwealth Games Federation (GCF). It includes members of the Commonwealth of Nations who were mostly a part of the British Empire during colonial rule.

A total of 71 nations take part in the Games every four years, and there are now 54 members of the Commonwealth of Nations. England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom’s four constituent nations, each send a team to the Commonwealth Games.

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