18 Facts about Varun Dhawan

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The actor made his debut with the movie Student of the Year which was launched by Karan Johar. Since then he has made every film a great hit, not even giving a single flop. He covers a wide range of genres starting from masala entertainment like Dilwale and Humpty Sharma ki dulhaniya to serious roles like Badlapur and October. Let’s find out more about this new-age actor.

18 Facts about Varun Dhawan

1. A big Sachin Tendulkar fan

The actor shares his birthday with this iconic cricketer on 24th April, not just that but he remains a great Sachin fan too.

2. Best friend is his brother

Varun remains to be very close to his brother Rohit Dhawan. Rohit is a director of some famous movies like Desi Boyz starring Akshay Kumar and John Abraham along with Varun:s Dhishoom.

3. Big fan of Govinda

When it comes to their favorite celebrities it’s Govinda who owns a spot for Varun. Both father and son are big Govinda fans and have huge amounts of respect for him.

4. Dreamt of being a wrestler

As a kid, he always wanted to be a wrestler and was even highly impressed by Dwayne Johnson’s “The Rock”.

5. Highest paid actor in his league

It’s true that in his generation he remains to be the highest-paid actor of all. You will be surprised to know that he charges about 25 crore rupees for a movie.

6. Hair obsession

In an interview for Main Tera Hero his co-star Ileana D’Cruz revealed that Varun is obsessed with hai hair and spends many hours in front of yeh mirror trying to have a perfect look.

7. Real prankster

Just like Akshay Kumar, he loves playing pranks as well. And so all his co-stars have an amazing time on the sets. He even made a fake dance routine to prank Parineeti Chopra.

8. Distributed leaflets in nightclubs

He completed his studies at Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom and during that time he used to distribute leaflets at nightclubs.

9. Weirdest nickname

Yeah, you heard it right Varun’s nickname is Pappu. So now we know it’s not just us having the strangest nicknames but Bollywood celebs do too.

10. Mischievous kid

Just like his roles he used to be a mischief in the school too and that’s how his parents had a really tough time keeping him in line.

11. Dad refused to launch him

Being the son of a renowned director David Dhawan, it would have been easy for him to get a break in the industry. But his dad didn’t launch him as he wanted his son to do it all by himself.

12. Serious actor

It’s said that while filming one of the most serious scenes in Badlapur, the actor stopped patting and meeting his friends just to get into that zone.

13. Assistant Director

For the famous movie My Name is Khan, Varun was the assistant director under Karan Johar.

14. Got drunk to shoot a scene

Shooting for his Rom- Com Badrinath ki Dhulaniya the actor got himself drunk for a romantic scene. He has some neat shots of whiskey in order to get authenticity in his acting.

15. Barry John’s acting school

The actor got his on-screen skills from this house of school. Arjun Kapoor was also a student in the same. He directed a movie named ‘White Mountain’ in this period.

16. Gym freak

Looking at his perfect physique it’s pretty evident that Varun remains to be a gym freak. He makes sure to follow his fitness regime strictly. Even while on shoots he never misses a single fitness session.

17. Misses old life

In an interview, the actor confessed to missing his old life. Because being in the limelight he doesn’t get any privacy at all. But nevertheless, he is still extremely passionate about acting.

18. Budding friend

Starring opposite Nargis Fakhri in the movie ‘Main Tera Hero’ the two became good friends. And since then they have been exchanging naughty jokes and raunchy texts with one another.


Coming up with a box full of surprises Varun has been trying it all. And that’s what makes him the highest-grossing celeb in the race. The actor remains close to almost all the members of his family. And has recently married Natasha Dala, who remains to be away from the eyes of the media.

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