12 Facts about Jhanvi Kapoor

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The actor has emerged amazingly in the film industry. She is the daughter of the veteran actress Sridevi and Filmmaker Boney Kapoor, who made her Bollywood debut in the movie Dhadak. Right from her first movie, she has been offered several other big films too. The actress is quite active on social media and loves to give a sneak peek to her fans about her private life. She has managed to gain a lot of fan following within a short span of time. Let’s find out a few hidden facts about Janvi which we were unaware of.

12 Facts about Jhanvi Kapoor

1. Dream destination for wedding

When it comes to the wedding the actress wants it to be in a spiritual location of Tirupati. This is because she wants her wedding to be really intimate and close to what she actually is. She is quite sure that the wedding will be a traditional one where she will be seen wearing a Kajeevaram zari saree along with a big dawat after the ceremony which will include all the South Indian delicacies she loves.

2. Secret Vegas trip

The actress revealed on Kareena Kapoor’s talk show that she had once gone on an impromptu trip to Vegas without her father knowing about it. She told her dad that she was going for a movie but instead, she took a flight to Vegas from LA. She roamed in Vegas all night and got back home the next morning. Well, her father didn’t really know about it.

3. A potess

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar India, the celebs work promoting dhadak. When Ishan Khattar reveals that Janvi loves to write a lot, especially poetry. To her poetry is a therapy that helps her get away from reality.

4. Loves kathak

For her debut film dhadak she was introduced to kathak. But even after the movie, she continued taking Kathak classes which acted as a therapy to her.

5. Sridevi didn’t want her to be an actor

Like any other mother, Sridevi was also concerned about her future career and hence wanted her daughter to become a doctor. However, the actress felt that she did not have the intellect to become a doctor.

6. Her go-to people

When she feels low there are a few people on her speed dial which she reaches out to. One of them being her little sister Khushi Kapoor, her dad Boney Kapoor, and half-sister Anshula Kapoor.

7. Future partner traits

There is quite a list of what she looks for in her future husband. She wants him to be talented and passionate about the work he does. Also, it should excite her and learn something from him. With a good sense of humor and definitely, he should be obsessed with Jahnvi Kapoor.

8. Favorite holiday destinations

Udaipur and Florence are her favorite Hollywood places. If she was not she would spend most of her time traveling. Even when she was a kid she used to travel a lot to different places with her parents to different shooting locations so she was always like a nomad.

9. Special water bottle name

Just quite evidence from her Instagram page that she is obsessed with a pink water bottle which she has also named as chuski. After being on her feed of Instagram fans even love the sparkly water bottle too.

10. Named after a movie character

The movie Judai was produced by Boney Kapoor and starred Sridevi and Kapoor in the year 1997. Right after the movie, the couple gives birth and decides to name the firstborn child as Janhvi. Which was actually the name of Urmila Matondkar”s character in the film.

11. Brand Ambassador

She is the proud brand ambassador for Nykaa which is a cosmetic brand. She can be spotted doing many digital, print, and TV advertising campaigns for it too.

12. Family in Bollywood

She has one biological sister named Khushi Kapoor and two half-siblings namely actor Arjun Kapoor and Anshula Kapoor. She is the niece of Anil Kapoor and Sanjay Kapoor.


The actress has been delivering phenomenal performances in movies like Gunjan Saxena, Kargil Girl, Ghost Stories, and a lot more. It’s her charm and her girl next door vibe that has gained her such a huge fan base in such a small time span. She is definitely going a long way with that amount of dedication and hard work.

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