14 Facts about Kangana Ranaut

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The actress makes a bang on appearance every time she hits the big screen. Though she hasn’t quite recently made any considerable progress on the professional spear somehow she makes progress in actuality. She has made exceptional performances in movies like dhaakad, queen, thalaiva, Manikarnika, Krishna 3, Tanu Weds Manu, Panga and a lot more are on the list.

14 Facts about Kangana Ranaut

1. Good role model

She has achieved great success independently. She demonstrates great self-esteem as she is confident and energetic with regard to food and wellness. She doesn’t feel marriage is essential in one’s life. She spreads the message of not relying on marriage for their vocation and personality.

2. Southern films

She has done 27 movies till date one is Telugu ‘Ek niranjan in 2009 and the Tamil movie Dhaam Dhoon in 2008. When inquired on whether she would do another Telugu movie, she said only if the opposite star would be opposite Mahesh Babu.

3. Outspoken

She doesn’t care about ‘Log kya kehte hai’.She speaks firmly on anything and everything let that be overwhelmed by legends from Bollywood or women’s rights.

4. Against fairness creams

Kangana is an actress who rejects the endorsement of fairness cream as she doesn’t believe in it. The offer was about 2 crores.

5. New York Film School

She studied at New You Film School at the age of 27. The actress always wanted to study filmmaking but didn’t have enough money to do so. But once she earned enough from the super hit movie Queen, she gifted herself this education that she always wanted to pursue. A great example of age is just a number.

6. Dialogue writing

Not just acting but she has a great interest in filmmaking too. For her own movie Queen, she had written certain dialogues. The director himself agreed that inputs from Kangana has given a completely new dimension to Rani’s personality.

7. National awards

She ranks second in receiving national awards. Shabana Azmi is in first position. Kangana has won three national awards.

8. Gangster

According to the filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt felt that Kangana would be too young to play the role in gangster. But since Chitrangda Singh was busy in that period the movie eventually was offered to Kangana.

9. Debut at 19

Her debut film Gangster was released when she was 19. But before the release of gangster, pahlaaj Nihalani signed her for the film Love You Boss.

10. Rebellious

She left her house and came to stay in Delhi in order to start a career in acting at the age of 16. Before joining Asmita’s theater group she took up some modeling projects.

11. Childhood

She was born in bhambla in Manali in Himachal Pradesh and completed her schooling in DAV High School in Dehradun. She was extremely studious at school but had a love for extracurricular activities at the same time. Participating in elocution and debates also skilled basketball player were some of her talents.

12. Bollywood dreams

The great director Anurag Basu spotted Kangana at a cafe in September 2005 and decided to cast her in his upcoming film Gangster. This movie got the actress a lot of recognition in the industry.

13. Interests

Her interests are fitness, food, fashion, and films of course. She is a vegetarian who enjoys cooking at times.

14. Fashion

Kangana Ranaut portrayed the character of supermodel Sonali in the movie fashion which was a great success. For this even she received the best supporting actress category award.


A lady who knows how to stay on the top of her game always. She wanted to become a doctor before she entered the film industry. But she failed the unit test in chemistry and had to change her decision. Although not a doctor, she surely has cured a lot of diseases by making some light-hearted movies. With such bold choices of films, she definitely makes a point to make her audience awestruck every time.

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