12 Facts about Karan Johar

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Karan Johar is a universal director, producer, and actor in the world of Bollywood. He is seen everywhere from shooting a film to acting to being a host he is a global star and loved in the film fraternity. from being a fat boy in his schooldays to being a charmer and known for his laurels he had quite a journey in the film industry.in this article, I will tell you some amazing facts about Karan Johar.

12 Facts about Karan Johar

1. Played with Duteous

Karan Johar is a famous and worldwide known director and producer and has worked with big film stars of Bollywood. Being a powerful person in the industry he is very humble and friendly towards his actors and never dominates his acting.

2. Sensitive in nature

In an interview with his mother, she revealed that Karan Johar is a very sensitive person. he is especially scared of his mother even a straight look at his mother would scare him and he would start to cry. he himself has agreed on the fact that he gets hurt easily.

3. No plans of getting married

Karan Johar doesn’t plan to get married, for him his mother is the only woman he respects and loves, and wants to share all of his time with his mother.

4. Obsession with ‘K’

Being an iconic director Karan has this superstition about the letter ‘k ‘. He believes that all his movies work only if he initializes them with ‘k’.This obsession started when he changed his name from Rahul Kumar Johar to Karan Johar. But it didn’t long last with a flop of kaal in 2005.

5. Recognition

Karan is the first Indian celebrity who was invited as a jury member for the Miss World competition. He is one of the few Indians after the prime minister who gets invited to the London Olympics.

6. Degree holder

In the Bollywood Industry, few celebs are well-educated. One of them is Karan Johar, who has a degree in ‘master of French’ in an interview she said he is the opposite of his education and he loathes reading.

7. Clash with Kajol

Karan Johar is known for his friendship, with Kajol he shares the same bond of best friends and also a lucky charm and always made a special appearance in almost all his movies even in a song but it had drifted apart when Kajol’s husband Ajay’s film shivaay and kjos film Ae Dil hai mushkil clashed on the box office and Karan paid 25 lakhs to Kamaal Rashid and self- proclaimed the critic which Kajol disliked.

8. kal ho na ho

In the blockbuster movie Kal Ho Na Ho which he directed with all the superstars and the lead roles of SRK and Priti Zinta, the role of heroine was first given to Kareena Kapoor but she demanded the same amount as SRK which Karan denied and they didn’t talk to each other for a year.

9. First love

Karan Johar shares this with the world. Back in school days, he had a massive crush on Twinkle Khanna and he still has a very soft corner for her.

10. Threats

Karan Johar was kept in a room when his first film was released “Kuch Kuch hota hai”, as he was threatened by a gangster Abu Salem for not releasing his movies on screen.

11. Dharma productions

Yash Johar started his production house 40 years ago even before Karan was born. He wanted Karan to become an actor and had planned to launch him also. But instead, Karan started his film industry by becoming a costume designer and he designed his first costume for Shah Rukh Khan in DDLJ.

12. Party animal

Karan Johar desires to be a person who wants to be invited to all the parties in the film industry. He loves attending parties and has a great passion for dancing at parties.


A person like Karan Johar with his amazing persona and iconic director producer we have nothing but love for him and his work in the industry. His movies have been a trademark of love and romance which has always is been a crazy’ buzz among the millennials and without Karan Johar we wouldn’t have superstars like SRK and Kajol.

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