13 Facts about Sushant Singh Rajput

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The television superstar from Pavitra Rishta who made his way to the big screen was a perfect example of how there is no shortcut to success and dreams do come true. We love all his performances, let that be a daily soap artist or a Bollywood star. He made sure all his roles kept the audience awestruck. The actor doesn’t need any more introduction but we surely should know some hidden facts about him.

13 Facts about Sushant Singh Rajput

1. Flying license

The actor had this on his list and he checked it out recently. As he posted on his Instagram about his flying license. There was even a mention of him buying a new Boeing 737 beauty but the post was deleted later.

2. Owns land on the moon

He is the first actor to have bought a piece of land on the moon. Except for him, even king khan SRK has been gifted land on the moon earlier.

3. BWK Bike and Maserati

He is crazy about cars and ends up buying one every time. He owns a blue Maserati Quattro Porte, a BMW K 1300 R motorcycle, a Land Rover Range Rover SUV.

4. MS Dhoni: The Untold Story

He trained himself vigorously for one and a half years. For this, he practiced the cricketer’s famous helicopter shot 225 times in a day.

5. Scholar of physics

It’s not just acting that he slayed but even his academics too. He cleared the 11th engineering exams and after the 12th he won a national-level Olympiad in Physics.

6. Trained at NASA

Shushant was supposed to play the role of an astronaut in the movie about space called Chanda Mama Door Ke. He visited NASA to train for the role. But the movie was shelved.

7. Background dancer

He was a part of the Shiamak Davar’s troupe as a background dancer. Though his entry in the film industry was humble he surely proved his mettle.

8. Debut movie

After getting a lot of love in the television industry he began his journey on the big screen with his premier film Kai Che in 2013. For his phenomenal performance in the movie, he was nominated for the Filmfare award for best debut.

9. Love interest

During his acting period in Pavitra Rishta he fell in love with the very beautiful co-actress Ankita Lokhande. The two were couple goals for their fans. but the story didn’t end well and they broke up in 2016, after their 6-year long relationship.

10. Struggling days

Being an outsider in the film industry and making your way to the top is one of the toughest things to do. But SSR was successful in doing so. Before entering into this star viz he took several small roles, odd jobs, worked in theatre, and even performed in the dancing crew. This hard work then paid off and he was offered a TV show.

11. Academic dropout

Even though SSR was a scholar student his dream was to be an actor. This is something that kept him awake most nights and for which he dropped out of college and came to the city of dreams.

12. Space love

He loved astronomy for which he even purchased a highly advanced telescope from which he would look at his land on the moon. He even enjoyed looking at the Saturn rings for hours. He kept himself well-versed with the knowledge of space and new technologies that were being invented.

13. His name includes his mother’s too

He had a close connection with his mother whom he lost while he was in 12th grade. His mother’s name was USHA which was even present in his own name Sushant.


The actor has left us too soon but he still remains alive in our hearts. His untimely demise has shaken the entire film industry. The actor passed away on June 14, 2020. An actor like this deserves more recognition, his movies should be put on as exceptional talent and a special remembrance on his birth and death anniversaries.

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