20 Facts about Muniba Mazari

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Muniba Mazari was born on 03, March 1987. Also, she is known as the ‘Iron Lady of Pakistan’. She is a Pakistani activist, anchor artist, model, singer, and also an inspirational figure for all of us. She has become the National Ambassador for UN Women Pakistan.

20 Facts about Muniba Mazari

1. Met with an accident

In 2007, She met with a car accident, in which she went through with multiple injuries including spinal cord, which left her paralyzed throughout her whole life.

2. Brilliant painter

She is now evolved as a brilliant painter and she painted her first painting when she was on her deathbed for around 75 days.

3. First wheelchair bound Pakistani

She is the first wheelchair bound Pakistani model to walk for Tony and guy and also a TV actor for PTV.

4. Wanted to be an artist

She wanted to be an artist from her childhood only but comes from a very conservative family so, she was married at the age of 18.

5. Ambassador for UN Women Pakistan

She recently serves as the goodwill ambassador for UN Women Pakistan and has participated as a motivational speaker at various conferences.

6. Education and marriage

She married a Pakistani man at the age of 18 for her father’s happiness. But unfortunately, it was not a happy marriage at all. She lived 2 years in a failed marriage. One day what happened is she was traveling somewhere with her husband and they both were involved in a car accident.

7. About the accident

As we have seen earlier, Muniba and her husband had a car accident. Her husband Fell asleep while driving a car. The husband jumped out of the car and rescued himself with only minor cuts but Muniba was injured very badly.

8. Accident rescue

After the accident people came to the rescue and tried out to drag her out of the car. When she tried to drag herself from the car, at that time you got her spinal cord transaction. After much discussion on the accident, Muniba was taken to a hospital three hours away in a jeep.

9. Her speech

She says in one of her speeches that I still remember that bumpy ride. I was all broken. That’s when I realized half of my body was broken in an accident and the other half of my body was paralyzed totally. She spent 2 and a half months in a hospital. She has a smile on her face every time and tries to beat every injury.

10. About her recovery

The doctor informed her that she would never be able to walk throughout her life, paint, or even give birth. But with hope in her heart, she has prepared her mind strongly. She performed to smile back at what life had organized for her. She was in the hospital for 2 and half months. Never ever talked about the pain that she was suffering. She eventually sat in a wheelchair after 2 years in bed. An opted to rise rather than cry.

11. Her challenges

Muniba claims that being in a wheelchair is the happiest day of her life. She decided to face all of her fears and conquer them. That day she looked in the mirror and told herself that she would never give up whatever happens in her life. That day she also decided to list down all of her fears in a paper and face them one by one.

12. Overcoming challenges

She began to go out in public and tell people about her life and how everyone should be treated equally in society. She is a very good painter, so she started to paint and anchor shows in Pakistan. She also raised her voice for women’s and child rights.

13. Career and awards

Muniba mazari is involved in various fields including art, modeling, acting, performing motivational speaking, etc. She also works as a model for many businesses and motivates individuals who have ever seen disability or any kind of pain.

14. Her education

She has completed her schooling at Army Public School. She studied there till the age of 18. She has completed her bachelor’s in fine arts.

15. Helping refugees

She donated her artwork to UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) to support Afghan and Samolian refugees.

16. Painting as her hobby

She prefers painting done with colors, canvas and brush to digital art. She has started painting and drawing from her hospital itself. The name of the hospital is Agha Khan hospital.

17. Her work features women

Lots of her work features women with emphasis on traditional Pakistani with ethnic type of wear and jewels.

18. Spiritualism

Lots of the character she has added in her work has one eye opened. Which is a symbol of spiritualism. In connection with UNICEF She helped to save children who are suffering from Thalassemia.

19. About the Governor general

Late Salman Taseer who was the governor general at that time bought her paintings to encourage her to continue her artwork and motivated her for the same. And now she is an established artist.

20. Court case by ex-husband

Her ex-husband Khurram Shehzad Sued her in court for defamation. And for blaming him for her pain and suffering. He has demanded 10,00, 000 in Pakistani rupees. She replied on Twitter that he is so greedy all he wants is so much money. Feel sorry for him. The court ended the case in January 2018.


She was born in Rahim Yar Khan which is in southern Punjab on 03 March, 1987. Muniba went to the Army Public School. And later she attended her college in her native home town at the age of 18. She has married at the same age only.

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