12 Facts about Sara Ali Khan

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The super energetic and always cheerful Sara has put a lot of emphasis on loving oneself. She began her acting career with a blockbuster movie Simmba starring along with Ranveer Singh. The actress is like an open book who loves to share her personal experiences with her fans but there are still some hidden facts we haven’t explored about her. Let’s get to know them today.

12 Facts about Sara Ali Khan

1. Loves visiting spiritual places

In an interview, the star did mention that she loves going to spiritual places in our country. This is evident from her recent visits to Ajmer Sharif Dargah in Ajmer and Kamakhya temple is Guwahati.

2. Favourite accessory – Bangles

She has a soft corner for indian wear and certainly a huge place in her heart is held by the bangles. Though she is not a shopaholic. She says that in every state she visits in India, she but herself bangles from there obsessively.

3. Manicure is an addition

She is obsessed with switching up her nail polish. On that note, she did change her nail paint in every shot of the song in Kedarnath.

4. First beauty encounter

Unlike other girls, she didn’t try on her mother’s lipstick for the very first time but she had tried Priety Zinta’s. Yes! That’s true while her father was shooting for kya kehna with Priety, Sara went to her makeup room and had a blast trying on every lipstick there.

5. Believes in home remedies for makeup and beauty

Her mother’s remedies are her trusted picks. She uses the leftovers of the breakfast fruits as a face mask and applying honey and malai is one of her very favorites. Khar ke nuskhe is her all-time favorite remedy.

6. Inspired mom to incorporate fitness into her routine

She shares a special bond with her mother Amrita Singh, who is extremely passionate about fitness. In an interview, Amrita Ma’am revealed that Sara believes that exercises help those who feel better and later make them look better. And that’s something she has incorporated in me too. I have started a little yoga and stretching and now wish to go on with it.

7. Secret Instagram account

In an interview with Vogue India, she mentioned that she loves stalking on social media via her second secret account. Her motto is simple: don’t be affected by online comments, something in the world is as serious as you let it be.

8. Nearly suspended from school

She once put fevicol on the fan and the bottle broke which spread fevicol all across. This was one of the most eventful days of her school.

9. Acting at school

She is a law, history, and political science student from Columbia University. Film critic Anupama Chopra once revealed that when she saw Sara for the first time at Dhirubhai Ambani International School, she saw her as an actor. She was a plump child, quite confident and the lead in every school play. I used to watch her do all the monologues without a misstep and wondered if she would become an actor ???. And here she is now a bright talent of the Bollywood industry.

10. Proud owner of a house

She has got herself an apartment of her own. She posted a picture of her unpacking the stuff in her new house and captioned it as Here’s to new beginnings.

11. Biggest fear

One of her biggest fears remains not having her mother by her side during her difficult times.

12. Foodies

When it comes to eating she has a big sweet tooth and loves eating pizza too. Milk cakes and besan ke ladoo are her all-time cravings.


The actress went for a great body transformation before entering into the film industry. Battling from PCOD she weighed around 96 pounds but she worked hard to make herself into a fit version. Though the journey was hard she still never gave up and made it happen.

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