11 Facts about Bipasha Basu

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A lady who spreads her charm in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, and English films. Bipasha is a fashion model and a beauty pageant. She has grabbed the attention of her audience for a long time because of her bold movie choices and impactful screen presence. Her life has always been controversial for many reasons. Let’s get hands-on with some other hidden facts about this superstar.

11 Facts about Bipasha Basu

1. Ranks 8th in the sexy women list

In 2011 and 2013 she was in the 50 sexiest women in the world list where she ranked on the 8th position. Her dusky skin tone makes her worth dying for. Following a strict diet and never missing out on her workouts are two key points that keep her on the top of the list.

2. Bookworm

Though she is an all-time party animal, she even loves reading books too. She makes sure to spare some time from her busy schedule to read something or the other. Her favorite authors are John Grisham and Robin Cook.

3. Loves Bengali food

Even though she follows a strict diet, she is a big-time foodie. One of the best cuisines that she enjoys is ‘posto-bhaat’. She even named her pet dog Poshto. Not just this, she even loves biryani. Even after all of this, she takes immense care of herself.

4. Fitness freak

She does rigorous training in the gym and follows a proper fitness pattern. She even encourages her family and friends to maintain some physical fitness. It was said that the very first thing that she did post her wedding was workout before leaving for her honeymoon. The diva makes fitness the vital point.

5. She replaced Aishwariya Rai in the movie ‘Corporate’

For this movie, Aishwarya was the first choice but due to her date issues she couldn’t make it, so Bipasha Basu got the film instead. The people appreciate her acting in the movie. She even replaced Aishwariya for the role in Tulaja as she was busy shooting for ‘Singularity’ at that time.

6. Scared of heights

While we have seen her perform daring and adventurous roles in the movies it’s hard to believe that the actress is afraid of heights. She confessed that she has a phobia of heights and swoons when she watches the land from a great height. Shooting for the movie ‘Shikhar’ was a near-death experience as she had to learn to swim.

7. Paris – a favorite holiday destination

She loves to travel to Paris. She finds her to be an idealistic romantic destination. She is quite loving and affectionate. She showcases her love for traveling. You can see most of her social media posts with travel diaries. She loves to spend quality time with her loved ones and hang out with her friends.

8. Aspired to be a doctor

To pursue her career in modeling she has to leave her studies in the middle which she regrets a lot. At first, she wanted to be a doctor as she wasn’t sure about her looks that yhwy would get her into modeling. But destiny had a different plan for her. So she got into acting and here she is today a diva of the industry.

9. Immense love for Brad Pitt

People are crazy behind her looks and charm but she has lost her heart to the very charming and skillful Brad Pitt. She thinks he is an ideal man. She even mentioned that the guy she is looking for just needs to be confident about himself and if he happens to look like Brad Pitt it would be amazing.

10. Accidentally landed into modeling

An accidental entry into modeling Mehr Jessa got her into the modeling world. Mehr spotted her exceptional beauty in a hotel in Kolkata. She convinced Bispasha to try her hand at acting. Her first Bollywood debut was with the movie ‘Ajnavee’ co-starring Kareena Kapoor.

11. Nick named lady Gunda

Due to her dark skin tone and commanding personality, everyone was scared of her at school and called her lady Gunda. She wasn’t really pretty in her early childhood. Everyone made funny remarks about her skin and being overweight.

Popularly known as the Bengal beauty, she has changed the dynamics of sensuality in the film industry. Today she is looked upon as the hottest and most talented amongst all celebs.

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