12 Facts about Siddharth Malhotra

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Starting his journey with a bang on performance with Student of the Year in 2012, the actor has made a remarkable debut. In these 9 years, he has achieved a significant amount of success. His physique, acting skills, charm, and smile have got him a crazy fan base. The songs like let’s Nacho, kala chashma, and Kar Gayi Chul have his great name.

12 Facts about Siddharth Malhotra

1. Nomadic childhood

His father being in the merchant Navy gave him the opportunity to stay in different cities during his childhood. This somehow made him really fond of traveling. At first, the shift from Delhi to Mumbai was extremely tough. He was an outsider in the film fraternity but now he has made his spot.

2. SOTY wasn’t supposed to be his debut

His first film was supposed to be opposite Priyanka Chopra in the movie fashion. However, due to some obligations in relation to his contract, he was not able to go ahead with it. This year he won two modeling events which were the manhunt pageant and the Gladrags mega model.

3. Started his career as an assistant director

It wasn’t the big screen acting which was his first work in the film industry. This handsome hunk started with modeling and then landed into being an assistant director. He assisted in the Dharma production for two big blockbusters. My name is Khan and Dostana. From there he got his big break and was launched as an actor.

4. Is fascinated to be paired with Deepika Padukone

The actor has starred opposite all top females including Shraddha Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Parineeti Chopra, and Alia Bhatt. Now he desires to be paired against Deepika Padukone. Their couple on screen would look great as their heights are more or less the same. Siddharth knows the pickup Padukone from the modeling days as they used to do shows together.

5. Fond of rugby

Like any other man in this world, he enjoys eating some mouth-watering cuisine like Biryani jalebi and gajar ka halwa. But as much as he loves food follows a proper fitness routine as well. One of his favorite sports is rugby.

6. Pet lover

Oscar, his pet dog, is seen accompanying him in his long runs. This time spent with his dog makes him content and satisfied at heart. But due to the jam packed schedule at work, he isn’t able to enjoy this as much. He tries to spread dog awareness amongst people by being part of NGOs.

7. He is an international fame

Being a model he has worked in Fashion capitals like Paris, Milan and New York. He is well-known even across borders. He has worked with Robert Cavalli.

8. His role model

Like any other outsider in the industry, Siddhart even has one role model who is none other than Shah Rukh Khan. He admires SRK’s grounded attitude even after reaching the sky. He recalls the time on the sets of My Name is Khan when Mr.Khan used to interact with him and give him many useful tips.

9. Artistic

Doodling and sketching are some pastime hobbies he is interested in. Given the right stationery, he can sketch like a pro. Making cartoons is an easy task for him and they look admirable.

10. Gadget freak

Let that be mobiles, laptops, computers, music players or iphods he is fond of all. He even owns a lot of these.

11. TV stint

Before SOTY he worked as an actor in a 2009 TV serial named Dharti ka veer yodha prithviraj chauhan. Also did a small role in Jaichand.

12. Certified scuba diver

We saw him touring different places in the world. Back in 2018, he got himself a scuba diving certificate.


The actor has a twisty turvy journey from being an AD, to a mode to an actor. After the blockbuster debut, he was seen in Hasee Toh Phasee, Ek Villain, Sheershaah Kapoor and Sons. The actor remains shy to speak up about his personality but we still managed to get these hidden facts.

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