42 Interesting Facts About Fingernails

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When you think of your fingernails, you probably think of them as a cosmetic for nail paint or something you gnaw on when you’re worried. Our bad fingernails are usually taken for granted, and we don’t give them much consideration. They are, however, much more than simply creatures to be painted or bitten. Fingernails are tricky. Even intriguing! Here are some intriguing and surprising facts about your fingernails that you may not be aware of.

Some of these facts may well astound you since you may have never heard of them.

42 Interesting Facts About Fingernails

  1. Fingernails are made up of dead cells.
  2. Animal claws and fingernails are formed of the same substance, isn’t it surprising?
  3. The index finger’s nails develop quicker than any other fingers.
  4. Fingernails have many layers. The outermost layer is called the nail plate.
  5. Pregnant women’s fingernails grow quicker.
  6. Children’s fingernails grow more quicker than adults.
  7. Human fingernails are the fastest developing cells in the body.
  8. Your dominant hand’s nails develop quicker than your non-dominant hand’s nails.
  9. Fingernails are composed of a variety of proteins, including keratin and collagen.
  10. Your fingernails may reveal a lot about your age. Our fingernails get thinner and brittle as we age.
  11. Biting your nails can also affect their appearance, they look ugly, resulting in uneven or jagged edges and a rough, uneven surface.
  12. Fingernails contain a variety of minerals, including calcium and iron.
  13. Biting your nails can cause damage to the nail bed and cuticle, which can lead to infection and other issues.
  14. Weather trends may be predicted using fingernails. If your fingernails grow brittle or cracked, this may indicate that the air is becoming too dry.
  15. The cuticle, the nail bed, the nail plate, and the hyponychium are some of the layers that make up a fingernail.
  16. You can use your fingernails to tell the time. How long it has been since you last clipped your fingernails may be determined by their growth.
  17. Your fingernails may provide a lot of information about your general health. Ridges, discoloration, and other anomalies may be signs of underlying medical problems.
  18. Your fingernails can provide information about your inside wellness. Anaemia, psoriasis, and diabetes can all be discovered by inspecting your fingernails.
  19. Changes in hormone levels can be seen in fingernail growth. A hormonal imbalance may be indicated by brittle or discolored fingernails.
  20. A fingernail’s typical length is 7.5 cm.
  21. Changes in your blood pressure can be detected by looking at your fingernails. Thin or brittle fingernails could indicate that your blood pressure is too high.
  22. Compared to winter, fingernails grow faster in the summer.
  23. Fingernails can be used to identify stress. If your fingernails are brittle or have ridges, it might be an indication of stress.
  24. By examining your fingernails, you can determine if you are deficient in vitamins. If your fingernails are brittle or have ridges, this might be a sign of a vitamin deficiency.
  25. Compared to women, men’s fingernails grow more swiftly.
  26. Our fingernails are made of keratin, the same protein that makes up our hair and skin.
  27. Water makes up 25% of fingernails.
  28. The typical adult’s fingernails expand by roughly 3 mm per month.
  29. The lunula, or area close to the nail tip, can provide a wealth of information regarding your nutritional status.
  30. If your fingernails are misshapen or discolored, there may be a health issue underneath.
  31. After death, fingernails stop growing. They seem longer when the skin pulls back.
  32. Nail sweat is non-existent.
  33. As we age, the development of our fingernails decreases.
  34. Drinking more water can help with dry fingernails.
  35. The colour of a woman’s nails was used as a status signal in ancient Egypt. Red is the top-ranking colour.
  36. Your fingernails and hair may be cut without experiencing any pain since it is a protein formed of dead cells. You’ll be surprised to learn that keratin is also used to make horse hooves and bird feathers.
  37. Using your nails to type will encourage their development.
  38. Blood is required for fingernail survival. Have you ever questioned the cause of your fingernail loss following an injury? For healthy nail growth, our nail plates require blood flow, nutrients, and oxygen. An injury can sever the delicate connections that supply nutrients and prevent the growth of your fingernail.
  39. Lee Redmond (USA) has the longest fingernails on a set of female hands, measuring a total of 28 ft 4.5 in.
  40. Your fingernails may weaken under stress when nutrients are distributed throughout the body.
  41. Onychophagia is the medical term for nail biting. if you are a bitter nail.
  42. You dread nails on a chalkboard, don’t you? The noise resonates at a frequency that our ear canals’ inherent amplification mechanisms amplify.


Fingernails are an intriguing body component with unique facts and related trends. They may be utilized to create fashion statements with nail painting and can reveal a lot about your general health. Your whole health and appearance depend on having healthy fingernails. You will surely have lovely, healthy fingernails if you follow these suggestions.

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