25 Facts about Suzuki Company

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Maruti Suzuki India Limited previously known as Maruti Udyog Limited. It is an Indian automobile manufacturing company which is based in New Delhi. It was founded in 1981. The Founder is the Government of India.

25 Facts about Suzuki Company

1. Maruti 800, First of its kind

There are multiple unique things about the iconic Maruti 800. It was the first of its kind. Well, this was the same design that was proposed for the People’s car in the contract. The fun fact about this was globally known as Suzuki or Fronte or the Alto.

2. Production began in 1983

It was the year 1981 when the Maruti Udyog and Suzuki venture began. It wasn’t until 1983 they began the production of the first people’s car the Maruti 800 in India. Maruti Suzuki Set a record as they took 13 months to go from a bare design to the production of the vehicle.

3. First Maruti sold

The very starting price of the brand new Maruti 800 at the time of its launch was 47500. The name of the person was Mr Harpal Singh from Delhi won the lucky draw and was later handed over the keys by the Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi.

4. Maruti introduced a lottery system

Making affordable cars for the commoner was one of the prominent objectives of the Maruti Suzuki in India. And because of that the demand rose unexpectedly. People were able to afford cars now and then the company came up with the idea of a lottery system.

5. The icon’s production stopped

From the year 1983 to 2014 the Maruti Suzuki 800 was one of the cars in production for a longer time. This 37 years of 800 delight and almost every family in the country had one at least.

6. 80% of cars on the road were Maruti

In the year 1997, more than 80% of the cars on the road in the country were Maruti Suzuki. It was observed earlier by the researchers. In that the Maruti Suzuki portfolio comprised many countries, the production was high and so was the demand.

7. Car sales rose two fold

After establishing the manufacturing plant in Gurgaon there is soon making a lot of cars for the company and we mean a lot. Maruti Suzuki was producing 40000 Bond and 1 lakh cars in the year.

8. Suzuki vs Volkswagen

Before anything ever started in the year 1971 the Government of India put forward a scheme of producing people’s cars. Before finalizing the deal Sanjay Gandhi was also considering Volkswagen to collaborate with the Maruti Suzuki. This is where the company would share the technology and take action on the production of people’s cars.

9. 40 years of operation

Maruti Company has very well managed its reputation of being the most affordable car maker that the customers can blindly believe till date affordable being the success factor.

10. How did the 21st century ban the auto major?

In the year 2007 Maruti Suzuki motor company was named as Maruti Suzuki India. This increase stayed in Maruti Suzuki at 56.37% in 220 the first CNG variant was also introduced in this period.

11. Maruti’s focused approach

And at the same time, Maruti’s focused market approach has helped the company gain storm footholds in the row 2 and 3 cities as well. Making it a well-known choice all across India.

12. The future goals

The company also plans to expand its CNG lineup further. As of now. The company has around 9 CNG vehicles including the recently lost Swift S-CNG.

13. Maruti’s Journey

In November 2021 it is in partnership with Toyota so brought its first scrappage center in the country and now plans to establish a vehicle recycling plant as well by the year 2025.

14. Suzuki was established in 1909 as a Loom Manufacturer

The founder of Suzukcompany was born in a tiny Japanese village was primary source of income was weaving.
Suzuki wanted to help his mother’s business so I said an automatic loom could be much faster than other looms available at the time.

15. Suzuki is the fourth largest car manufacturer in Japan

the popularity of Japanese cars has exploded in the US since the 70s. Americans love Japanese cars because they are reliable, stylish and most importantly they are cheap to buy and run.

16. Suzuki’s first invention was a loom

Over the years a number of memorable cars have come out of Japan with one of the main manufacturers being Suzuki, a multinational corporation that has developed cars, motorbikes, vehicles, and various other products.

17. Suzuki is the important manufacturer

Suzuki is an important producer in the vehicle industry. and there are many interesting stories which are surrounding the company.

18. Suzuki is divisive on the kei car range

Japan is known for producing small vehicles and there are strict regulations on it. The rule states that a vehicle can’t exy 3.4 m in length, engine capacity also must be below 660 cc.

19. Suzuki in space

Suzuki’s part of the LunarXPRIZE Suzuki partnered with Hukato Carter and entered the competition. In order to win, The Suzuki team needed to land a spacecraft on the moon and take a higher-resolution video and image across at least 500m of the Moon’s surface.

20. Suzuki workers take 2545 steps to complete every car

In the car-making process, workers are involved in 2545 steps which is an improvement on the previous 77 steps that were in place until 2014. The reduction came after a wire of fatigue initiative.

21. Suzuki is a master of the ocean

In addition to designing popular motorbikes and cars. Suzuki has proven itself in boat racing competitions as well. This was indicated during the 2014 endurance class B world championship in Barcelona.

22. Barcelona Championship

Barcelona Championship in world boat with engines of up to 294 kilowatts. Suzuki won the competition, beating vessels from Belgium Italy, Lucia, and Switzerland and Catalonia. Galicia.

23. India is Suzuki’s biggest market outside Japan

In the year 1980 Suzuki recognised India as a big market for cars so they set out to make their mark. Maruti Suzuki India Limited was introduced in 1981. With the Maruti 800 being the first car to be produced today India became Suzuki’s biggest market outside Japan Selling cars to half of the nation.

24. Completed 40 years of the joint venture

Maruti Suzuki India completed 40 years of joint travel with Japan. Suzuki motor on August 29, 2022.

25. According to its annual functioning report titled 40 years of Maruti Suzuki the joy of Mobility.

The company said it has been 40 years since Maruti Suzuki Motor Corporation Japan entered the car market as a joint venture partner in the company to fulfill the aspirations of millions of Indians who have won reliable, affordable, and modern technology.


We have also seen that the Maruti Suzuki company is one of the most successful car manufacturing companies in India. It was also the 11th largest vehicle manufacturer in the world and fourth largest manufacturer in Japan in terms of the whole world Maruti was ranked 20th in terms of worldwide volumes among vehicle manufacturers.

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