16 Facts about Swara Bhaskar

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Swara made her debut in Bollywood in the year 2009 as a supporting actress in the dreams Madhola Keep Walking. She gained recognition and prominence in the commercially successful movie Tanu Weds Manu as a bride to be. She was also widely praised for her performance in Raanjhanaa in 2013. She was then cast as a supporting actress in the sequel movies Tanu Weds Manu Returns and Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo.
She has given breakthrough performances and one such was in 2016 in the movie Nil Battey Sannata.

Swara was raised in Delhi and has done her schooling and college from there. She has studied English literature in Delhi University’s Miranda House. Later she persuaded her master’s degree in sociology from Jawaharlal Nehru University.

16 Facts about Swara Bhaskar

1. Tipsy Topsy Career

Swara was a theatre actress before trying her chances in the Hindi film industry. She moved to Mumbai in 2008 and made her debut in a year later. She was then seen in 2010 as a supporting actress with Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in the movie Guzaarish. Her next appearance was in the film The untitled Kartik Krishnan Project which was a flop just like Guzaarish.

She went unnoticed until finally she was seen acting in Tanu Weds Manu, which was a commercial success. Swara had multiple nominations for the movies including Filmfare Awards Best Supporting Actress.

Swara was later seen in Raanjhanaa in 2013 where she was again the supporting actress Bindiya. The movie did quite well and was also the highest-grossing film of the year. Swara received lots of praise and acclamation from the critics for her performance. She was again nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Filmfare Awards.

2. On-screen performances

Swara has been part of various TV shows too, including Samvidhan, Rangoli, and Rashbhari.
In 2015 she acted in 3 films. The first was Tanu Weds Manu Returns which was a mega hit at the box office and she received widespread acclamation for her performance. The next was Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo starring Salman Khan, and Sonam Kapoor. Swara played Rajkumari Chandrika who was Salman’s sister in the film. Both her movies did extremely well at the box office. Her last project in 2015 was X: Past is Present which went unnoticed.

She was then seen in Nil Battey Sannata in 2016, Anarkali of Aarah in 2017, and in Veere Di Wedding in 2018.

3. Love life embarked on sets.

Himanshu Sharma- After meeting on the sets of Raanjhanaa they started dating each other. However, things ended between them when Swara wanted to get married and Himanshu did not. They realized they were not on the same page when it came to marriage and decided to part ways. The couple had been dating for five years before they split.

4. The struggling period.

When Swara came to Mumbai in 2008, her first struggle was to rent an apartment. She was unsuccessful in finding anything until 3 weeks later and resided in Anjum Rahabali’s office up until then.

She did not care about how she looked until she stepped into Bollywood. In one of her interviews, she mentioned how she sat in the car and cried after her first facial, remembering the times when she would sit at the back in class and make fun of all the girls who wore makeup.

Many a time she thought of returning to Delhi because she didn’t know the Bollywood game. She didn’t have an idea that she needed to hire an agency and get out there. Trying to figure out how things are done in Bollywood and with a backlog of unreleased film she thought of other possibilities like pursuing another degree in B.Ed or moving back to Delhi.
Without a doubt, she is one of the most vocal actors of Bollywood of her time.

5. The Pakistan Visit Controversy.

During a marketing event for the film Veere Di Wedding Swara openly called Pakistan a falling state. In 2015 when she visited Pakistan she said it was the nicest country she has visited. Her remarks spread outrage on both sides of the border.

6. Kangana and Swara’s twitter battle

Kangana started the verbal battle where she had taken names of Taapser Pannu and Swara Bhaskar referring to them as needy outsiders. Both actors responded to the statement which promoted a response from Kangana’s team.

7. Padmavat open letter

The actress wrote to the director Sanjay Leela Bhansali stating she felt reduced to a vagina by the film’s ending and berated him for glorifying Jauhar. This sparked a tonne of discussion on social media.

8. Net worth and Income.

According to various media portals, Swara’s total net worth is about $5.4 million. Which is approximately 40 crores. She owns a BMW X1. She charges about 30 to 45 lakh rupees for her role in the movies.

9. Family with a Blend of cultures

Her mother is bihari while her father is Telugu. By profession, her father Mr. Chitrapu Bhaskar is a columnist. He is even a retired Commodore from the Indian Navy, who holds a special position due to his expertise in security and strategic affairs in the Indian Navy. Her mother Ira is a professor at the School of arts and Aesthetics at Jawaharlal Nehru University. She even has a brother named Ishaan

10. Educational background

Her schooling is from Sardar Patel Vidyalaya. She then went ahead with English literature from Delhi University Miranda House. She was a classmate of Minissha Lamba. Later she pursued a master’s degree in sociology from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.

11. Classically trained Dancer

She developed an interest in the field of dancing at the age of 7. She then got trained in classical Bharatanatyam from guru Leela Samson. 

12. A true animal lover 

She has 3 cats whom she has named as Kulfi, utpaati and atom. She even enjoys feeding the stray cats and dogs. 

13. Active in social matters

When it comes to societal matters, Swara has always been really active. Even since school days, she has stood up for matters that need attention. 

14. Embarked to City of Dreams – Mumbai

To start her career in Bollywood she came straight to Mumbai in the year 2008. After giving numerous auditions she finally got selected for Niyati but unfortunately, the movie got shelved. Later with some connections, she got into the movie Madholal Keep Walking but people rarely saw the film.

15. Harassed by a director

During her initial period, Swara got harassed by a Director. While the shooting period was on the director used to stalk her, call her, and even urge her for a one-night stand.

16. Got married to a Muslim 

She got married to Fahad Ahmad who is the leader of the Samajwadi party. This day was celebrated with their close family and friends. The couple got married under the special marriage act which is applicable in India.


Swara has always ruled our hearts with her performances and always continues to do so. With her outspokenness and her fierce attitude, she has withstood her mark in the industry. Her choice of roles in the movies and her bold decision to stand out in the industry is what has made her popular. She never misses an opportunity to leave her presence on screen.

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