10 Facts about Arjun Kapoor

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The actor made an eye-catching entry into the industry with his debut film Ishaqzaade. Since then the stars have been in his favor and he has been giving superhits back-to-back. Salman Khan remains to be his role model and he follows him thoroughly. The dedication he showed to gain a physical transformation from fat to fit became an inspiration for several others. He likes to spend his time playing football, video games, and traveling. Apart from this let’s find out more about this hunk.

10 Facts about Arjun Kapoor

1. Transformation

The actor once weighed about 140kg and he had to get into shape in order to enter the industry. He gives the credits of his journey to Salman Khan though he was really nervous to go to the gym being a fat kid but now he simply enjoys working out. He was lovingly called as FUBU by his friends as it was the name of a brand from America that used to make oversized clothing and the actor could only fit into those.

2. Love linkups

He confessed to being in a serious relationship with Salman Khan’s sister Arpita but they didn’t end up together. Later he was seen being paired with Alia Bhatt and Parineeti Chopra too. But now he remains to be a one-woman man dating Malika Arora, who is expected to get married soon.

3. Family man

He was really close to his mother Mona Kapoor who passed away even before his first film release. He respects his father too even though he married Sridevi and left his mother Mona. He thinks that he has been brought up in a way to be respectful and decent towards other people and hence he acts this way naturally. Arjun was always sure that his father would back him up if his films didn’t work well.

4. Started as a film director

Just like any other star kid, Arjun began his career as an assistant director to Nikhil Advani for Kal ho naa ho and Salma -E- Ishq. He even assisted his father with the movies Wanted and No Entry. He still has the dream of directing films but he won’t act in it.

5. Self-made man

Even though he carries his father’s name and the Kapoor surname the actor still got himself at the auditions of Yash Raj films for Ishaqzaade and cracked it. Slowly but steadily the actor got himself to the top of the list.

6. Environmentalist

The actor urges the youth to think about the planet. He is the face of Earth Hour. He believes that it is important for us to talk to the youths as they are the future holders and it’s important to conserve energy for a better future.

7. Man crush

Arjun confessed of having a man crush on Hritik Rosha and that he might get distracted with his presence in the same space. The actor feels that Hritik has surely made the industry ‘Roshan’. And he looks forward to starring in a movie with him.

8. Supports being a house husband

His movie Ki and Ka revolves around the same ideology and so does the actor. He feels there is nothing wrong with being a house husband and supporting an ambitious wife. Society needs to be accepting of any choices made by the younger generation as they have their own choices and reasons for it.

9. Love for elder sister

He shared a cute picture with his sister Anshula on Raksha Bandhan and thanked her for always being there for him. He even captioned it with some beautiful lines like thanking you for being a protective sister and letting him be the person he is today. And that he will always hover around and watch over her trying to be there whenever she needs him.

10. Controversies

In early 2017 he was sent a notice by the BMC for encroaching on his terrace and constructing a 30 ft brick and glass room without permission. The construction was later demolished by the authorities.


The actor is determined to reach success and has shown perseverance in doing the same. He remains the brand ambassador for Flying Machine and Royal Stag along with Ranveer Singh. He does have a strange phobia of ceiling fans though. He is a total movie buff and loves watching all kinds of films.

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