11 Facts about Vidya Balan

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The actress stands out from the crowd for her unconditional movie choices, she brings us a variety of films right from Kahaani, Parineeta, Tumhari Sulu, Shakuntala Devi, Sherni, The Dirty Picture, and a lot more. She has received several awards for her roles in female-led movies which include a national film award. In the year 2014, she was even presented with the Padma Shri. Let’s get to know more about this versatile actress.

11 Facts about Vidya Balan

1. Fascinated to play Charlie Chaplin

It’s her dream to play the legendary Charlie Chaplin on the big screen someday. She adores the fact that the late actress Sridevi pulled off the character in Mr. India and wants to do the same too.

2. The love cupid

She admitted in a chat show that she often played the role of Cupid to set her friends up.

3. Bookworm

During her free time, she likes to spend her time reading books. Her favorite writer is Paulo Coelho.

4. Educational

The actor studied at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. She even pursued sociology for her bachelor’s degree in the same college. And further went for a master’s in Sociology from the University of Mumbai.

5. Journey

Before her debut film ‘Parineeta’ the actress had to appear in more than 40 screen tests and 17 makeup shoots. Luckily she has been in 90 advertisements after opting out of her famous television sitcom, Hum Paanch.

6. Transformation

From being shamed for her body to being celebrated for it, Vidya has worked hard. She played a sensuous role in the film Ishqiya. At the same time, she was also liked for her popular adult comic character Savita Bhabhi.

7. All size inclusion

Body shaming has spread everywhere, and no woman can get away from it, not even the celeb herself. Talking about her struggles she has to go on a ‘water diet’ which didn’t suit her physically. But now she has learned the art of being happy in her own skin and even urges the young generation to practice the same.

8. Jinxed

As odd as it may sound today, it was quite believed that the actress was jinxed at one point of her career. This was when a Malayalam film starring shelved due to differences between the hero and the director, but Vidya was blamed for it. Due to this, she had lost on several films and projects. But still, the actress put herself together and reached great heights.

9. Small screen to the bigger one

She started from the small screen Hum paanch. While doing this sitcom she was already aiming for the bigger picture. Post hum paanch the director extraordinaire Anurag Basu and offered her another television role. But she declined it as she wanted to be seen acting in the movies.

10. OCD

She suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder. She just can’t handle untidy or unclean surroundings. She always makes sure to keep her house spick and span. While if she finds some dust, she wouldn’t mind cleaning it out herself. She is obsessed with keeping things in the right place, which could even include her newspaper.

11. Not keen on Garba

As the celebs are commonly sighted at garba functions, Vidya is not very keen on such programs. The Kahaani actress has turned down offers from Ahmedabad, Surat, and Pune even when they were paying a shit load of money. The reason is that she wants to put the money into the right cause like child education or sanitation campaigns which are more necessary.


Right from playing a coy Bengali girl in her debut film Parineeta to the bold and vibrant Silk in the movie Dirty Picture, the lady can do it all. With her OTT appearance in Jalsa, she has again wowed her audience with her acting talent.

She wasn’t born with a silver spoon but had to work hard to reach the epitome of success.

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