15 Facts about Yo Yo Honey Singh

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The singer popularly known as Yo Yo Honey Singh started his musical journey as a recording artist and within a short period of time became a Bhangra music producer. With the exceptional talent that he possesses, he is now the highest-paid music producer in India. Some of his super hit songs that everyone is humming these days are Lungi Dance, Angreji Beat, makhana, and Party All Night.

15 Facts about Yo Yo Honey Singh

1. Real name

Yo yo honey Singh as we popularly know him isn’t his real name but Hirdesh Singh is. The musician was born in Hoshiarpur, Punjab.

2. YouTube hits

Two of his very famous songs have got the spot of being on YouTube’s top 10 trending list. The song Brown Rang made it to the top and high heels which was in collaboration with Jaz Dhami was on the fourth spot.

3. Hidden talents

Honey knows how to play the tabla and he even dreamt of being a music producer one day. Cricket and driving are the two things that have a special place in his heart.

4. Origin of ‘Yo Yo’

The singer chose this as his pen name from an African-American friend. The meaning to which is Aapka Apna ( Your own). So this makes his name translated as ‘Aapka apna honey Singh’.

5. Highest payment

The song ‘Mujhe neat pila de sajna’ in Sunil Bohra’s flick mastaan has been his highest paying project. He was offered 70 lakhs which makes it the highest-paid singing gig in the Bollywood industry.

6. Acting career

He has worked on Punjabi movies like Mirza and Main Tera 22 tu mera 22. After this, he even tried his hand in the Bollywood industry with the movie called ‘The Expose’ which turned out to be a flop show for him.

7. Recognitions

In 2006 his Singles went to be on the top of the BBC World Charts. Also, his album ‘ International Villagers’ is the most earning Punjabi Album of all time.

8. Brown Rang

The song that made every generation go crazy was shot by video directors from Los Angeles. The location for the shoot was in Dubai. For which they paid a massive amount of $ 100,000 for the shoot.

9. Fitness freak

The stunning body he has is an effect of the hardcore gyming that he does on a daily basis. Yo yo makes a point to dedicate at least 2 hours of his day to workouts.

10. First hit

His first song Glassy by Ashok Masti was the one that started his bright career and got him an award too.

11. Lungi dance

The reports say that Honey Singh didn’t charge a single penny for the song Lungi Dance which was in Chennai Express with Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone.

12. DJ

He learned DJing from DJ Vishal. In the war of DJ’s competition, he won second place.

13. Bollywood celebs

With his hard work and talent, he got the chance to work with almost all the legends of the Bollywood industry. Some of these are SRK from Lungi Dance, Amitabh Bachchan for a party with Bhoothnath, Akshay Kumar for a party all night, Hrithik Roshan for Dheere Dheere, and many others.

14. Awards

UK Asian Music Awards Best International Album 2012 for Album Album I. V (International Village)
The ETC award for the best sound in 2006 for Glassi.
Zee Cine Awards 2014 for International Icon male.
Power Brands Award 2013.

15. Music History

The musician studied at the Trinity School in the United Kingdom. His dream was to only become a music producer but he ended up singing too. Ahead in life he went to England since the Bhangra scene was big there and made some English type of music there.


Due to some health issues, the singer took a break of 2 years from work and the entire nation missed him a lot. He has a unique rapping style and a fun vibe which gets him all his popularity. The singer is invincible in the field of rapping.

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