20 Facts you should know about Bhutan

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Bhutan is a tiny nation positioned between China and India. It has recently risen to the top of the most popular travel destinations. The splendour of pristine wilderness, stunning tall mountains, historic monasteries, and more enchant people. Bhutan’s culture and traditions are incredibly distinctive. Their way of life has not been impacted by the outside world. The citizens of this nation adhere to secularism and Buddhist principles. Travellers are attracted because of hiking and trekking. The surroundings are stunningly beautiful and have pure landscapes. The following are some of the most surprising facts about Bhutan that you should be aware of, this will definitely surprise you.

20 Facts you should know about Bhutan

1. Meaning of Bhutan

Bhutan’s meaning is “Land of the Thunder Dragon.” The roaring, powerful storms that frequently originate in the Himalayas are what gave this moniker its inspiration. The United Nations officially recognised it as a nation in 1947.

2. No traffic light

Due to the high curves in the mountainous area and the lack of traffic lights, Bhutan’s roads are particularly perilous. You will be shocked to learn that there are no traffic lights, though. Even in the middle of the road, you will witness individuals wishing one other a good day. The herds can be seen roaming the road as well. Bhutanese drivers exercise extreme caution in order to prevent accidents.

3. No media until 1947

Up until 1947, when Bhutan was discovered 64 years after it was first found, there was no media. The King’s Coronation was covered by the media with permission. And around 1990, televisions were first launched.

4. Carbon Negative country

The most amazing truth about this nation is that it is a carbon negative nation. It is the sole nation within the world that’s carbon negative. However, the environment has undoubtedly been impacted in recent years by the carbon dioxide emissions from these businesses due to industrial development and growth. This has caused pollution and the release of 2.2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. But because to Bhutan’s enormous forest, which captures the majority of carbon and makes the nation carbon negative.

5. Gross National Happiness

You may be familiar with the term GDP, or gross domestic product, which refers to the country’s overall economic growth and development. In reality, it is the yardstick by which any country’s progress can be measured. However, in Bhutan, GNH, or Gross National Happiness, is valued instead of GDP. According to them, the GNH of their nation is built upon the most important pillars, including environmental sustainability, cultural preservation and promotion, excellent governance, and sustainable growth and development. The most crucial element is how happy individuals are.

6. Paro Airport

Paro Airport is a very special and unusual airport. One of the world’s most hazardous airports is this one. Consider yourself the luckiest person in the world if you have the opportunity to travel through this airport; you will undoubtedly have an amazing experience. You’ll be shocked to learn that there are only 8 licenced pilots allowed for this.

7. Smoking is Prohibited

Smoking is not permitted in public spaces, such as movie theatres, gardens, streets, and restaurants. Instead, Bhutan has designated areas where smokers are allowed to smoke freely. Bhutan is also concerned about the health of its citizens. However, the government will take harsh action and put anyone caught smoking in violation of the legislation in jail for three to five years.

8. No to plastic

For whatever reason, the 1999 ban on the use of plastic bags did not succeed because there was no substitute for using other bags. Later, it was put into effect in 2005 and 2009, but it failed again. However, Bhutanese people have started adopting homemade cloth and jute bags as a result of a growing awareness of the harmful effects that plastic has on the environment.

9. Tobacco is banned

Bhutan is a smoke-free country, and the government severely forbids the growing, harvesting, and selling of tobacco. People find it difficult to import goods because of high taxes. There are no cigarette purchases because of the high tariffs. Bhutan is attempting to become the first country to ban smoking completely.

10 The mountains that is unclimbed

Gnagkhar Puensum is one of the highest mountains in Bhutan. It is number ten on the list of unclimbed mountains. It, for reasons that are unclear, has never been conquered. This mountain is 7570 metres above sea level. Since 1987, Bhutan has made it illegal for anyone to ascend to the summit. The team’s attempt to reach the peak was unsuccessful as a result of inaccurate maps. It was an attempt that failed.

11. Free education and healthcare

The Bhutanese government has made education and health its top priorities, thus it has taken the necessary measures to guarantee that everyone has access to free health and educational facilities. By educating the populace, measures are done to raise the literacy rate. Here, the majority of people still attend monasteries for their education.

12. Unusual way

Bhutanese people must always decline food when it is offered. The traditional phrase to say when food is presented to you is “Meshu Meshu.” Additionally, you must cover your mouth after pronouncing “meshu meshu.” Only if they offer it more than twice or three times can someone take it.

13. Birthdays are commemorated in the new year

It is customary everywhere in the world to celebrate birthdays on the individual’s actual birthday. You might be shocked to learn that all Bhutanese people celebrate it on New Year’s Day. The people of Bhutan never forget the birthdays of their friends or family. Do you ask why? The answer to this is that Bhutanese nationals officially reach adulthood on January 1st. As a result, they always have the opportunity to celebrate the new year if birthdays are overlooked for any reason. The new year is the best to remember because they have a custom of emphasising the year more than the month or day.

14. Death sentence for killing black-necked crane

Killing a black-necked crane is a death sentence in Bhutan, where conservation efforts are made to protect highly endangered species like this one. Anyone found responsible of killing this crane may be judged guilty and punished with the death penalty.

15. Happiest Nation

The fact that Bhutan is one of the happiest nations in Asia is yet another stunning fact about the country. Additionally, it is ranked eighth internationally. How is it possible for a nation to be pleased and joyful despite its continued struggles with poverty and illiteracy? Their unique customs, the tranquil landlocked Himalayan Kingdom’s breathtaking environment, and their strong sense of national identity are the causes of their contentment.

16. Killing animals is prohibited

Bhutanese people adhere to Buddhist principles, which forbid the killing of animals. You cannot damage animals or birds, according to traditional beliefs and Buddhist teachings. Although imported, meat is consumed here by the population. They take the preservation of their environment very seriously.

17. Decriminalised of homosexuality

Homosexuality is no longer a crime in Bhutan, where it was previously punished under the 2004 Penal Code. The person who was caught engaging in unnatural intercourse might spend up to a year in prison. However, in 2019 two parts of this code made this legal.

18. Believe that yeti still exists

This peculiar fact about Bhutan will get all those supernatural enthusiasts riled up Bhutan is home to the Yeti and its smaller counterpart, Mitchum. There are detailed writings about these creatures, and a monastery is to house a Yeti corpse.

19. wearing national dress

It is required to wear national dress; women must wear Kira and men must wear Gho. They must put on this outfit when entering government buildings, schools, and other formal settings. This is how they uphold, promote, and maintain their cultures.

20. Laws specific to marriage

Polygamy is legal in Bhutan. However, this is now uncommonly encountered. However, divorce and remarriage are frequent occurrences.


Visiting and exploring Bhutan can be one of your most beautiful experiences to cherish in your memories. This country is mysterious and people believe to be like a fairy tale. So, get set and explore the hidden heaven on the earth.

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