20 Fun Facts About Chewing Gum

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Everyone enjoys chewing gum. Don’t we! But did you realize that this gum has uses beyond simple chewing? It is quite well-liked by people of all ages. Many of them always carry it with them wherever they go. The chewing gum’s primary function is to provide fresh breath. The fourth of February is National Bubble Day. This chewing gum, which is so well-liked, has some extremely interesting entertaining facts. Prepare yourselves for the surprise that is coming.

20 Fun Facts About Chewing Gum

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1. Don’t be concerned if your ears pop when on a high-altitude flight. Have gum to chew. Your ears will no longer pop as a result. This occurs because chewing gum increases saliva production. Swallowing aids in maintaining balance in the head. So the next time, take a piece of gum with you when you board the plane.

2. The fact that only humans can chew gum is surprisingly startling. Chewing gum was tested on monkeys, but after a short while, it was found on their fur.

3. A lot of us experience heartburn after eating spicy cuisine. The only way to stop this is to just chew gum after meals to stop heartburn. Chewing gum will lessen the amount of acid in the oesophagus.

4. The inventors set out to make the ideal bubble gum, but when they tried to perfect it, the only colour that remained was pink. So the flawless pink bubble that emerged. This explains why most chewing gum is pink in colour.

5. As children, we were told that ingesting bubble gum would cause your bowel to cling and get clogged. In reality, this is uncommon; it does not occur. If you accidentally consume bubble gum, it will stay in your system for a few days before passing out. Since it cannot be digested, the full piece of gum will be expelled intact.

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6. It may come as a surprise to some, but chewing gum improves concentration. Gum chewing increases alertness by releasing muscle tension, which allows you to concentrate more clearly and do your tasks to the highest standard.

7. San Luis Obispo, California’s Bubble Gum Alley and Downtown Seattle’s Market Theatre Gum Wall both have attractions centred around gum. Visitors come to observe these enormous walls covered in a thick build-up of chewed gum that individuals have left behind after chewing it.

8. Cutting onions makes us cry. However, it is believed that chewing gum reduces the flow of tears. When chewing, it is believed that you breathe through your mouth rather than your nose, thus preventing small amounts of flavour from reaching your tear ducts.

9. Have you ever wondered what was the original name of chewing gum? It was “Blibber – Blubber”. This can be real tongue twisters. You can play a fun tongue twister game with the word Blibber Blubber.

10. If by chance chewing gum gets stuck in you hair and you are struggling to remove it. Don’t worry, just apply peanut butter where the chewing gum is stuck and rub it and try to remove. The peanut butter contains oil. So, this helps in the removal of the gum easily.

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11. Did you know that bubble gum day is celebrated on two national day that is on February 15th and September 30th. On these days people blow bubbles and celebrate it.

12. In 2004, Ched Fell of Alabama blew 20 inches of bubbles using three double-ended gums. And this was recorded in the Guinness World Records.

13. Richard Walker set a record for chewing gum for the longest 8 hours with 135 chewed gums.

14. Singapore banned chewing gum in 1992. However, in late 2004, the sale of dental and therapeutic gums and nicotine gum was permitted.

15. People around the world chew nearly 100,000 tons of gum each year. One study also found that there are packed 250,000 chewing gums on London’s busy Oxford Street. An estimated 15,000 chewing gums are thrown away in Rome every day.

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16. It was calculated by one of the mathematician that the energy American expend when chewing gum can light a city of million people.

17. Greeks of ancient ties believed that chewing gum made of resins can give a relief from stress.

18. Topps Chewing Gum company presented the largest bubble gum to a Baseball player Willie Mays was which was largest in size and weight of 10000 with regular pieces.

19. Polyethylene, the most common base of the bubble gum is also used in hula hoops, ketchup bottles and tyres, but do not try to chew this, you will be inviting troubles.

20. Would you like to burst a big bubble? Chew five gums and add 1 teaspoon of peanut butter to dissolve the sugar for at least five minutes. Stop chewing just before the gum stiffens. Blow indoors where there is no wind, as cold air makes chewing gum brittle while hot air melts it. Blow very slowly and evenly, keeping your lips open rather than pursing them into a little “O”. Use one hand to hold the bubble under your mouth when you’re done.

Chewing gum is becoming more popular. The majority of children are addicted to chewing gum. Although candies and other sweets can be damaging to teeth, chewing gum or bubble gum is beneficial. Chewing gum after each meal can help stimulate salivation and speed up the clearance of food particles in the mouth. Chewing gum’s unique property has recently gotten more attention.

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