16 Fun Facts about Katrina Kaif

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Katrina being one of the most loved actresses of Bollywood had made her spot in a short period of time. The industry believes that she is one of the most hardworking people in the fraternity. She has completed nearly 20 years of working and has done more than 40 movies. With her vivid performances, she enjoys great fame from her fans. We might feel we know her in and out since she has been a public figure for such a long time but trust me there is yet to explore about her.

16 Fun Facts about Katrina Kaif

1. Her original last name

Her real surname isn’t Kaif, but ‘Turquotte’. But during her shoot for Boom in the year 2003, the film producer Ayesha Shroff came up with the suggestion she gets it changed to something easier for the audiences to remember and pronounce easily. That’s how the name Katrina Kaif came in. The actress also revealed that she doesn’t like the pen name Kat.

2. 7 Women under one roof

She was born in Hong Kong to an English mom and a Kashmiri dad along with Five sisters to accompany her. Her siblings are one younger sister, three older ones and an older brother. That’s how they are a total of 7 females in the household.

3. Superstitious beliefs

She makes it a point to visit Mount Mary Church, Mumbai’s Siddhivinayak temple, and ajmer Sharif dargah before any of her movie releases. Many superstars in the industry are just the same when it comes to their professional lives. Like Salman Khan who always makes it a point to release the movies during Eid season.

4. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

In celebration of her 1t year journey in Bollywood she has a wax statue modeled after her in London in the year 2015. Later her statue was made in 3 different locations around the world.

5. Phobias

When it comes to phobia, Katrina has a fear of heights and darkness.

6. First Job

When she was just 14 she got her first modeling assignment,this was right after she won the Hawaii beauty pageant and got the jewelry brand assignment. She kept appearing at London Fashion Week and worked with several agencies. La senza and Arcadius were her campaigns for modeling.

7. Charitable in nature

This comes from her blood since her mother used to work with NGO’s. She is a philanthropist and the money which she won from Kaun banega crorepati and Dus ka dum she donated it to her mother’s orphanage ‘Mercy home’

8. Kapoor Fan

She feels that in the current female group, Kareena Kapoor is the best onscreen performer. Kareena plays some amazing roles. Her role as Poo is favorite amongst all.

9. Her favorites

She loves dancing and music as well. Coldplay is her favorite band along with muse and Radiohead. She enjoys eating Yorkshire pudding, she finds English food flavor to be really natural. She has grown eating it and so has a deeper connection with it. She is an avid chess player as well.

10. Dubbing

She wasn’t extremely fluent with Hindi so all her movies were dubbed until New York.

11. Katrina as a doll

She stands to be the first Bollywood actress to have her own Barbie modeled. Along with some Hollywood celebs like Shakira,Audrey Hepburn, Heidi Klum and Elizabeth Taylor.

12. Her Mr. Perfect

When it comes to a life partner she is looking for someone who is honest, confident, loyal, has a sense of humor and has humility. The way the guy presents himself is of utmost importance. He needs to be intelligent. For her, having a husband and kids is an important aspect of life. And she has now found the man of her dreams Mr. Vicky Kaushal.

13. Nomadic childhood

Her mother used to work with international NGO’s and so the family had to settle in different places of the world at different times. Katrina was once homeschooled by her mother during this time.

14. Highest paid film

In 2004 for her Telugu movie Malliswari she received around 7.5 million. Which was the highest fees for a South Indian film actress in that era.

15. One and only

From the year 2008 to 2013 Katrina was named the ‘World’s Sexiest Woman’ by FHM India. That is five years in a row.

16. Female perfectionist

Just like Mr. Aamir Khan, Katrina too had to be perfect while filing the movie Dhoom 3 with him. She took a year long regime of aerial straps, functional training and pilates.

Coming from a non bollywood background she has come a far way holding a good spot amongst the top most actors in Bollywood. With some great hits like Ek Tha Tiger, Dhoom 3, Bang Bang, Zindagi na milegi dobara and welcome, she has won all our hearts.

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