12 Weird Things that have Fallen from the Sky!

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Sleet, snow, and rain. These are some of the objects you might usually anticipate falling from the sky. But were you aware of the other bizarre things that are said to have fallen from the sky? History is replete with accounts of weird things falling from the sky. People in biblical and medieval ages sometimes interpreted occurrences like rains of dead bats, fish, frogs, and rats as portents of plague, bad omens, or even manna from the benevolent above. Eventually, science triumphed, providing explanations for many of these ostensibly inexplicable events.

Let’s Look at 12 Weird Things that have Fallen from the Sky:

1. A Fall Of Golf Balls 

Source : unsplash.com

On September 1, 1969, a fairly normal downpour took a dogleg turn for the odd and started tossing golf balls into the gutters, yards, and streets of Punta Gorda, leaving local officials perplexed. On that particular morning, locals woke to discover dozens and dozens of golf balls dropping from the sky. Was this some sort of golfing heavens’ gift? Punta Gorda, which is on the western Gulf coast of Florida, often receives severe weather, which frequently results in waterspouts. A possible explanation could be that a passing storm lapped up a ball-filled pond before dropping its catch on the town because the area is also home to many golf courses.

2. Mudfall in the Tri-State

Source : unsplash.com

On April 11, 1902, a tremendous dust storm in Illinois caused clouds to swell to such an extent that they were driven into the air and carried over the eastern United States, where they collided with rain clouds over New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania and rained as a mud shower. “Clothes hanging on the lines were smeared, and people in the street had mud stains all over them.” The storm front was 40 miles across, according to the Rev. George P. Sewell of Aurora, New York, also noted that it “discoloured or defiled anything exposed to it.”

3. Fall of Lalain Toad

Source : unsplash.com

In 1794, 150 French soldiers were posted close to the town of Lalain when a heavy downpour started. The soldiers were undoubtedly shocked to find that, in addition to the rainfall, the sky was also filled with falling toads as they sought refuge from the storm. A closer look revealed that many of the toads still had tails, many of which were found in the wrinkles and folds of the men’s caps and uniforms. Fish and toad fall both have an accepted scientific cause and are surprisingly prevalent.

4. Tadpoles, Frogs, and Fish

Source : unsplash.com

People in the Ishikawa Prefecture of Japan discovered fish, frogs, and tadpoles everywhere in June 2009 – on rooftops, in fields, on lawns, and more. 13 carp had fallen on and around one resident’s truck. The most widely accepted idea regarding the origin of this deluge of aquatic life is that the fish, frogs, and tadpoles were sucked up by a waterspout, which is a frequent seasonal occurrence in the area. The creatures are sucked up by the vortex as it passes over land or water, carried through the upper atmosphere, and then dropped on the unsuspecting people below.

5. Fall of the Meat

Source : unsplash.com

Can real life be like the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs? Not exactly. This “meat rain” was more like bits of flesh than meatballs, and you wouldn’t want to eat it! Or maybe you would, since two residents of Olympian Springs, Kentucky, did attempt to sample the strange “flakes of flesh” that appeared to fall on their town in 1876. It reportedly tasted like mutton or venison, according to the two males.

6. The Arkansas Bird Rain on New Year’s Eve

Source : unsplash.com

It’s not as unusual as you may imagine for birds to rain down. One recent instance occurred on New Year’s Eve 2010 in Arkansas, as thousands of dead birds began to fall to the ground. Bird rains are frequently brought on by weather conditions, but they can also be brought on by much simpler factors including loud noises, confusion, and head-on crashes. This was true in the Arkansas event. The birds reportedly took off after being spooked by pyrotechnics on New Year’s Eve. At least 5,000 of the birds tragically perished when they crashed to the ground after becoming lost and flying into buildings, trees, cars, and other objects.

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7. Money Falling from the Sky

Source : unsplash.com

Almost everyone has fantasized about money literally falling from the sky at some point or another. However, only a small number of individuals have actually seen this miracle. On December 3, 1968, coins seemed to fall from the sky outside a store in Ramsgate, England. They allegedly came down for fifteen minutes in sporadic, brief bursts, according to a clerk at the store. Although no one really saw them fall, everyone heard them clatter off the pavement. Even surprising was the fact that there were no towering buildings or airplanes nearby, yet the coins appeared to have been damaged as if they had fallen from a great height.

8. Oh, it’s Raining, It is Jelly

Source : unsplash.com

In the midst of a hailstorm in 2012, Steve Hornsby from Dorset, UK, was surprised to discover balls of blue gelatinous material falling to the ground. He gathered a handful of the one-inch balls of goo and stored them in the refrigerator for future research because he was unsure what they were. Later analysis, however, revealed that the balls were sodium polyacrylate, a material used to absorb fluids in potting soil and diapers. The real mystery surrounding these jelly balls is how they ended up in Hornsby’s yard. Did they actually fall from the sky, or did the hailstorm’s melted ice forced already-existing crystals to quickly swell? Nobody is certain, and the incident is still under investigation. 

9. Largest Meteorite in the World

Source : unsplash.com

On March 18, 1976, the claimed Jilin meteorite sped through the sky over northeast China. Witnesses claimed to have seen a red fireball that burst into flames, split in three, and then crashed to the earth. 11 substantial masses totaling 4 metric tonnes were discovered during the impact site investigations. The largest stone meteorite discovered recently is the so-called Meteorite 1, which is currently on display at the Jilin Meteorite Museum in Jilin City.

10. The Non-Dairy Cream Shower 

Source : unsplash.com

“You’re the Cream in my Coffee” was a song that was popular throughout the 1920’s. In Chester, South Carolina, in 1969, there was enough cream for everyone’s coffee, and it fell from the sky. The Borden firm, which makes the powdered non-dairy creamer Cremora, encountered an issue with its exhaust vents in 1969. Puffs of non-dairy creamer would erupt from the vents whenever they clogged. The creamer puffs turned into a gooey, sticky mass when they came into contact with the rain and dew.

11. A Shower of Spiders from the Sky

Source : unsplash.com

Imagine being in your car when hundreds of spiders suddenly start to shower down from the sky. Erick Reis, a 20-year-old web designer from Santo Antonio da Platina, a town located roughly 250 miles west of Sao Paulo, experienced just that. And although the phenomenon is known as “spider rain” may sound like something from a Hitchcock film, it is actually rather common. 

12. Rubles Fall Upon Russia

Source : unsplash.com

On June 16, 1940, a shower of 16th-century coins fell from the sky in the Russian town of Maschera. This is attributed to a treasure-transporting tornado. The ancient cash was examined by archaeologists who theorized that it came from a previously uncovered, buried cache that had just been revealed by soil erosion before being snatched up and redeposited by the storm.

Are you feeling a shiver down your spine after reading that?  The weather may be quite bizarre! Ordinary precipitation such as rain, snow, hail, and other types might be troublesome. As it turns out, the fall from the sky of stuff like these is fascinating and incredible to discuss later in the future. Know more with us. 

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