13 Facts about Alia Bhatt

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The 28-year-old actress has proven herself every time with the variety of roles played by her. Starting right from Shanaya from student of the year to Udaar Punjab how can we forget the award-winning performance in Raazi? Just as varied as her choices in movies are, so is her personality in real life. Let’s get to know this superstar a little more today.

13 Facts about Alia Bhatt

1. Professional Kathak dancer

For a drama named Kalank in 2019, the actress along with Madhuri Dixit, Varun Dhawan, and Aditya Roy Kapoor took professional kathak lessons for one whole year. She even confessed in the interview that the twirls are the toughest part of traditional dance forms.

2. Stole coin collection

Even though she is extremely close to her sister still has stolen her sister’s entire coin collection. Her sister Shaheen is her favorite person. But confessed to stealing her vintage coin collection. The two share an apartment in Mumbai as well.

3. Loves men’s perfumes

She finds women’s perfumes to be extremely fruity. And she even said that actor Arjun Kapoor has good taste in fragrances and she admires them. He even introduced her to Tom Ford’s scents.

4. Her last meal

In an interview, the actress said that if she had to have one last meal on earth it would be complete junk which would include a burger, a pizza, and a large chocolate dessert with some extra chocolate.

5. Career choice

The girl loves to organize things so she would do a master’s in organization. She loves making plans. If not an actor she would have killed organizing some events.

6. Coping mechanism

She gives herself five days of anxiety right before the release of any film. This way she gets time to lean into fear and anticipation of success or failure before making herself move on.

7. Intense training

Though it looks like she is a natural actor, she does go through a lot of practice for some of her intense roles. For the movie Udta Punjab, she got rid of her phone to experience the life of a Bihari hockey player who was a farm laborer who turned into a drug addict. In the award-winning movie Raazi, she learned Morse code and weapon training.

8. Debut struggle

For the movie student of the year she had to compete with 400 other candidates. And after the screen test, she got the role for her exceptional talent. She was just 18 years old when she got this movie and ever since then, she has been giving superhits to the industry.

9. Child actor

Even though we consider Student of the Year to be her debut film it’s not true. Alia Bhatt worked as a child actress. Rishi played the role of young Preity Zinta in the year 1999 for the movie Sangharsh. The co-star was Akshay Kumar and the producer was her uncle Mukesh Bhatt. The movie was a psychological thriller which was a youth success.

10. Funny Nicknames

She said in an interview that her friends call her ‘aaloo’ which means potato in English. Her father made a sweet improvised version of it as ‘Aloo kalu’, ‘Aaloo baalu’, and the extreme one is ‘batata vada’

11. Scared of

She is absolutely terrified of the dark and also differs from nyctophobia. The phobia is so serious that she sleeps with all her lights on. She is even scared of flying and tries to avoid it as much as possible.

12. Sweet tooth

The actress has a big sweet tooth and enjoys eating chocolate ice creams. She also finds moong dal halwa to be damn delicious.

13. Complete introvert

Even though she has a huge group of friends, if given a chance she would always like to spend her time alone. On social media as well she makes it a point not to share her personal information and follows only her friends and family.


Within a very short period of time the actress has spread her fanbase like wildfire. She remains to be one of the highest-paid actresses in the industry. Also being the ambassador for more than 25 brands/ products. She is the favorite girl of Karan Johar, that’s the reason most of her movies are dharma productions.

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