15 Facts about Sanjay Dutt

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One of the most controversial figures in the Bollywood industry has to be none other than Sanjay Dutt, who has recently turned 63 years old. The actor has definitely seen a call from drug addiction to jail time, to multiple affairs with women. Sanjay Dutt started his acting journey with the movie Rocky in 1981. He has acted in over more than 100 films, ranging from comedy genres, action to romance; he has proved himself to be one of the most popular Hindi actors since the 1980s.

15 Facts about Sanjay Dutt

1. His biopic ‘Sanju’

In the year 2018, Rajakumari Rajkumar Hirani directed the biopic of Sanjay Dutt called ‘Sanju’ which was accused of whitewashing the actors image. Ranbir Kapoor was cast as the leading actor playing Sanjay Dutt‘s role. The movie was definitely a blockbuster, but it was accused of whitewashing Sanjay Dutt‘s image and many other elements of his life were missing from the movie. The film did not show his alleged involvement with the underworld and the actor’s first two marriages.

2. Name suggested by newspaper polls

In the period when sunil and Nargis dutt what about to have a child they put an add in the newspaper for the people to suggest a name for their newborn. The couple got several suggestions out of which Nargis really like Sanjay and that’s how they named him.

3. Jail duty 

During his journey in the jail back in 2013. He used to work like any other prisoner. And was given the duty to make paper bags. He even got ₹50 per day for this task.

4. Total earnings in jail

When he completed his imprisonment he had a total of 30,000₹ but he did spent most of it in the prison canteen. So he was left with just ₹450 in the end, which he gave to his wife .

5. Won 2 filmfare awards

He got the best actor in a leading role for the movie Vaastav in 2000. And for his performance in Munna Bhai M.B.B.S in 2004. This was for his best performance in a comic role.

6. Started smoking at 9 years of age 

Sunil Dutt used to host a lot of parties at his house, during this Sanjay got really amazing by watching people smoke. So, after parties he used to collect the unfinished cigarette and that’s how it all started. When Sunil Dutt got to know about this he beat him with a shoe.

7. Thought acting was easy

Since college Sanjay decided to become an actor as he thought it was the easiest job. When his dad got to know about this he got extremely angry. And told Sanjay that if acting was that easy every other man would have pursued it.

8. Wanted to start a business

Post his rehab in U.S. Sanjay wanted to start a business on his own in U.S. But his father requested him to come back to India and give acting another shot and Sanjay couldn’t say no.

9. Shared the screen with father 

In the movie Munna Bhai M.B.B.S Sanjay got a change to be on the same screen as father Sunil Dutt.

10. Got married thrice

Sanjay was married twice before he tied the knot with Manyata. After Richa Sharma who was his first wife died due to brain tumour in 1996, Sanjay married model, Rhea, Pillai. He then divorced her in 2005 and later went on and married now wife Maanayata Dutt in 2008. His sister’s Priya and Namrata did not attend the wedding and did not approve of the two tying the knot.

11. Jail time for Sanju

In relation to the 1993 Mumbai bomb blast, Sanjay Dutt was upheld for possession of an illegal weapon. He was even sentenced to a term of five years in prison. Earlier during the trial of the case, he had already spent 18 months in jail. Sanjay was released from jail ahead of his term on grounds of court contact in 2016.

12. Connections to the underworld

Mumbai police charged Sanjay Dutt in 1993, for allegedly accepting weapons and exclusives from gangsters, who were responsible for the deadly blasts in Mumbai the same year. Sanjay was arrested by the police under the TADA (terrorist and destructive activities) act for illegal possession of arms. However he got bail from court in 1995.

13. Love interests and affairs

Sanjay was very possessive about his love interest. When he was in a relationship with Tina Munim for two years, Sanjay allegedly went to the set of Tina’s shoot when Sanjay found out that Tina was cheating on him with the legendary actor Rajesh Khanna.
While he was married to his first wife Richa Sharma, Sanjay was reportedly dating actress Madhuri Dixit. The affair had reportedly ended after Sanjay was caught in 1993 by the police in relation to the Mumbai blasts.

14. Sanjay’s drug problem

Sanjay was introduced to drugs at a very young age, and his addiction became worse after his mother’s death. He was admitted to a rehabilitation centre in the US in 1982 by his father Sunil Dutt who helped him tremendously and was his pillar of strength and fighting the addiction. He shared in one of the interviews that he was a substance user for about 12 years and there was no drug that Sanjay had not done. When he went to the United States for rehab they had given him a list of all the drugs and he had ticked each and every drug on it, Sanjay had taken all of them. The doctors too were amazed as to how he was alive even after doing so many drugs.

15. Mother’s death before debut left him shattered

Sanjay‘s first movie Rocky released in 1981. However, unfortunately his mother was suffering from cancer and the veteran actress Nargis Dutt died just a few days before the movie premiered. He was heartbroken by his mother‘s death. The movie Rocky was directed by Sanjay’s father, Sunil Dutt and had done great numbers at the box office. Many reports state that due to his mother’s sudden death, Sanjay had turned to drug diction.


No matter what Sanjay has been through, he has always risen and came back stronger in the industry. He is said to have a golden heart and helps those in need. Sanjay Dutt lives in our hearts for being a soft hearted individual and we tend to forget and forgive all the mistakes he has done. Sanjay has given amazing performances at the movies, few of which include Munnabhai MBBS, Lage Raho Munna Bhai etc. We hope in the coming years we have many more stories to read about Sanjay Dutt but in good context.

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