10 Facts about John Abraham

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The actor has a massive fan base all across the country. With his charming physique, brilliant acting skills, and heartthrob smile he has made a huge place in the hearts of millions. We surely know how passionate the star is about sports bikes but do you know what he decided to pursue before hopping into the film industry ?? Or the backstory to his name?? If not, keep reading ahead to unleash all these hidden facts about the hunk.

10 Facts about John Abraham

1. Producer

He was the producer for the movie ‘Vicky Donor’ which was released in the year 2012. He was also the producer of the film Madras Cafe. His company is named after him John Abraham Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. (J.A Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.)

2. Part of PETA

He is actively involved in working with PETA. By the year 2013, he turned into a vegetarian and an animal lover. As an effort towards animal welfare, John wrote a letter to the minister for environment and forests, on behalf of PETA urging them that all the circuses should be made animal-free as an effort to reduce animal suffering.

3. Past careers

He started his journey by getting involved in the media profession. Later he worked as a full-time model before he made his big-screen debut in Bollywood. He even won the Gladrags manhunt contest in 1999. In the 1990s John made an appearance in several music videos, which were a predominant trend in that period.

4. Loves automobile

At the age of just 18, he got himself his first motorcycle that was a Yamaha Re 350, for ₹17500. Now his collections include an Audi Q7, a Yamaha R1, a Maruti gypsy, and a Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2. He even owns an Aprilia RSV -4 Superbike. And remains to be the official ambassador of Yamaha and Reebok.

5. Bollywood buddies

Celebs like Hrithik Roshan, Uday Chopra, and Abhishek Bachchan were all in the same School, Scottish school in Mumbai, and they had their friendship sown ever since.

6. Highly Educated

The actor has completed his graduation from Jai Hind College, in economics. His graduated as a master’s in business administration from the Mumbai Education Trust. He is extremely passionate about books and is a well-educated man in the Bollywood industry.

7. Athlete

During his school days, the actor was involved in athletics and took active participation in a variety of races. He reached the district level where he represented his school. He even dreamt of being an architect once like his father but destiny had other plans for him.

8. The story of his name

His entire family is a blend of different cultures and ethnicities. His father is a Christian from Kerala and his mother is a Zoroastrian Irani. His mother named him Farhan but he was called John from the very beginning. The actor goes by the name John Abraham which is actually the reverse of his father’s name which is Abraham John.

9. Music

All the leading actors are trying their hands at singing be it SRK, Priyanka, Aamir Khan, or Salman Khan and one more added to the list is John Abraham. He had recently recorded the unplugged version of ‘Alfazon ki Tarah’.

10. Secrets deal with Shruti Hassan

The actor revealed in an interview that he has been in a deal with Shruti Hassan to teach her dancing and in return, he would give her fitness training. This happened during the shooting for Welcome Back.
Since both of them are south Indian they get along really well.


The actor is quite a private person and doesn’t really like sharing about his personal life with others. Though he belongs to a mixed cultural background, humanity still remains to be his core religion. He makes it a point to work effortlessly for the animals and that’s what makes him a real life hero as well.

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