27 Facts about Leh Ladakh

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Ladakh remains the most visited tourist site in India, yet there are many facts unknown about this destination. It’s not just a vacation spot but an emotion altogether. It’s a blend of high challenging roads, breathtaking beauty, and scrumptious Ladakhi cuisine. The place is filled with serene lakes, beautiful monasteries, rugged mountains, and innumerable jaw-dropping destinations. Apart from this, you can find some colorful festivals and the unmatched charm of the human settlements here.

27 Facts about Leh Ladakh

1. Highest bridge in the world

The height of this bridge is about 5,602 meters above sea level, Bailey bridge is the highest and stands firm in the lands of Ladakh. It was built in 1982 across the river Suru and Dras.

2. The last village of Ladakh

Turtuk is the last village of Ladakh. That remains the endpoint until the tourists are allowed to shower by the Indian army. Ahead of this, no tourist activity is allowed.

3. Hockey championship

In Ladakh, one can experience the Indo – Tibetan border police organizing a national hockey championship every year which takes place in winter. It is enjoyed thoroughly by members.

4. Highest river rafting

In the river of Zanskar, one can enjoy the highest white water river rafting sport. It is also a valley that provides treks and other adventure sports.

5. Walking on the river

Isn’t this thrilling?
One can actually walk on water for real. The popular Trek of Chadar is done during the month of November, December, and January. In this time the Zanskar river freezes and forms a thick layer of ice. People can have the experience of walking on a frozen river and feel the water flowing below them.

6. Pangong Lake

Pangong is the second-highest saltwater lake in the world and the highest in India. It flows from an altitude of 4350 m and has a length of 134 km. Only 30% of the lake is in Ladakh and 70% of it flows in China.

7. Dras- coolest place on earth

The temperature of this place can go low to -45 degrees Celsius. This village is the coldest place in India that’s inhabited by people.

8. Nubra valley Camels

The double-humled camels or the bacteria camels are specifically found in this area. These species are really hard to find. One can enjoy a camelback ride.

9. Highest settlement in India

The fields in Ladakh are approx 4600m high, making it the highest settlement in India. They are located in Kozok.

10. Best stargazing destination

Even most travelers coming here don’t know how amazing is the stargazing here. It has the second-highest telescope in the world and a clear sky which makes it a must-try. This observatory is located at 4500m.

11. Highest pass in Ladakh

Marsumek la is the highest motorable pass in the world. It is about 5582m in altitude and is open for civilization. If one wishes to visit the Pass they need to get prior permission from the army.

12. Snow leopards

The Ladakh hemis national park is also a place worth visiting where one can spot most snow leopards in the world. It’s a protected area for the species to exist.

13. Maitreya Buddha jampa

In the Nubra Valley lies the Maitreya Buddha Jampa which is 32m tall. People love to click pictures with the statue.

14. Pangong Lake in Bollywood

The scene in Three idiots where Kareen Kapoor comes riding on a scooter was shot on Pangong Lake. Most people are familiar with it and that has increased its popularity.

15. Yak as a cuisine

It’s not just a valuable animal of the newly made union territory but also a mouth-watering delicacy for the Ladakhi.

16. Popular alcohol

Every place has a certain attraction for its tourists. Sometimes it could be food, drinks, natural beauty, spots, or other things. One of the best things in Ladakh is Chhang. It’s a local alcohol.

17. Propular peak for Trek

Trekking is what most people love to do in Ladakh. Srik Kangri is the popular spot for most trekkers. Trekkers make sure not to miss this trail.

18. Lake higher than Pangong

People are mostly seen around Pangong Lake but you should also know about Tso Moriri, which is as pretty as Pangong. Whereas it’s higher in altitude than Pangong.

19. Lamayuru – Moon on earth

In Ladakh, there is a place called Lamayuru which has a white sheet of snow spread all over. This looks exactly like the surface of the moon.

20. Diversity in Flora

You can see vivid species of flora at Tso Moriri, Leh, and Nubra. And even the flora here is diversified. The Hemis National Park is a must-visit to witness the flora.

21. Most challenging roads

There are certain patches of roads that are extremely tough for avid bikers and drivers. And these challenges is what give the bikers a thrill to visit Ladakh.

22. Art of self-defence

Here women below the age of 25 are motivated to learn the art of self defence. Kung Fu is taught in the nunnery of Drukpa.

23. Unusual Callender

The people here have an interesting Callender in which there are 12 months for 2 consecutive years and the 3rd year has 13 months. The months don’t have names here but only numbers.

24. Colorful festivals

Ladakh has the highest number of festivals celebrated. It has about 25 to 30 all together.

25. Roof of leh leh palace

The leh palace which was built in the 17th century by King Namgyal is a big attraction. It is as 9 story building and is called the Roof of Leh.

26. Highest battlefield

The Siachin glacier is the highest altitude battlefield for guarding kg India in 1972 during the Indo Pakistan war.

27. House of many birds

It’s called the white dessert of India and yet it’s the home for a lot of birds. There are about 220+ bird species and other migratory birds are found here as well.


No doubt every Indian dreams of visiting Ladakh once in their lifetime. Who wouldn’t wish to witness the white dessert, flora, fauna, festivities, scenic view, and everything that this place has to offer?

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