17 Facts about Pankaj Tripathi

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In the Bollywood industry, the people who are born with the silver spoon or have some godfather in the cinema field only get an easy entry to the big screen. But nowadays it’s a bit different since the audience and even the directors look out for talent over anything else. That’s where stars like Pankaj Tripathi shine and soar high in the sky. But little do we know about these diamonds found in the rarest mines.

17 Facts about Pankaj Tripathi

1. Twice rejected from the National School of Drama

It was his third attempt in the National School of Drama when he actually made it in the year 2004. He remembers the time when he got the selection letter on a July noon post.

2. Studied hotel management

He had taken the hotel management course at the Food Craft Institute in Patna. After some time he even worked as the kitchen supervisor for night shifts at Maurya Hotel, Patna.

3. Play ‘Andha Kaun’

The play by Laxman Narayan Rai named Andha Kaun was a turning point in his life. He was playing against Pranita Jaiswal who had a powerful monologue that made him cry. And that is when he realized drama is a powerful medium.

4. 7 days in jail

In his college days he was a part of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad and in the year 1993 got jailed for raising his voice against the state government that was under the rule of Lalu Prasad Yadav.

5. Father wished he became a doc

Like any other father, Pankaj’s father also had some dreams. Which was him becoming a doctor. But Pankaj didn’t had the same point of view so he ran off to Patna for high school.

6. Influenced by Manoj Bajpayee

Right across his village Gopalganj there was another village named Champaran, the hometown of Manoj Bajpayee. In that period the movie Satya was released and people talked a lot about Manoj all across the village. That is the time when Pankaj thought that if Manoj can do it, then so can.

7. Played female roles

When there were annual festival celebrations in his village Pankaj took part in the nataks and his performances were highly appreciated by the villagers. And so his journey in acting started.

8. Helped father in farming

Until class 11 Pankaj made an effort to help his father in the farming activities. He belonged to an agricultural background.

9. Background

He was born on September 5, 1976, and raised in a small village of Gopalganj named Belsand in Bihar. How father was Pandit Benaras Tripathi and my mother was Hemwanti Devi. He was the youngest of 5 siblings.

10. His marriage

Pankaj got married on 15th January 2004 to Mridula who was a professor then. They are blessed with a daughter.

11. Shifted to Mumbai

After receiving several calls from us send bhanu udaya, the actor finally took the decision of moving to mumbai. Hey had a farm of 46000 rupees while reaching there and his wife took a teaching job in school.

12. Several small roles

He was seen in Omkara as Kichlu also movies like Apaharan in 2005, Dharam in 2007, Mithya 2008, Shaurya 2008 and Chintu Ji 2008, etc.

13. The Long Journey

In 2012, he gave the audition for gangs of Wasseypur which was eight years after after he had come to Mumbai. This role got him all praises and gave him a new identity.

14. Negative roles

While his struggling days he became synonymous to ganster, since most of his characters were in a negative light.

15. Offered many roles

After the success of Gangs of Wassepur, Pankaj was give many movies like ABCD, Dabanng 2, Rangrezz, Fukrey, Anwar ka ajab kissa and so many more.

16. Movie Newton

In 2018’s National Film award, Pankaj’s name was taken in the special mention for his outstanding performance. The movie also made an entry in the Academy Award in the best foreign film category.

17. Series

It was not just movies where is spread his charm but even TV series like Sarojini – ek nayi pehel on Zee TV and sacred games on Netflix.

He has name, fame and success yet he remains grounded and plans to do so his entire life. He still goes to his village in every 6 months. He is proud to see remains close to his roots.

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