26 Interesting Facts about Zebras

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Zebra is a peculiar animal with unique visuals. It is an animal of the horse family, usually a little smaller with black and white stripes all over its body. It originates in Africa and is widely known among humans. They have unique black and white stripes which are different for every one of them.

26 Interesting Facts about Zebras

Source : unsplash.com

1. National animal

Botaswana has its national animal as zebra.

2. Fingerprint stripes

Just as every human fingerprint is different, everyone of the stripes of

Zebra are different and unique.

Source : unsplash.com

3. Orange danger

Zebras have impressive vision but are blind to the color orange and cannot detect it.

4. Sweet family

They belong to a horse family. There are majorly 3 kinds of species- Grévy’s zebra, the plains zebra and the mountain zebra.

Source : unsplash.com

5. They are impressive climbers

Zebras are adaptive to live in rocky and mountain regions and are impressive when it comes to climbing in these areas.

6. Mascot

Jay the Zebra is used as mascot for the team Juventus FC.

Source : unsplash.com

7. Endangered

It must be shocking to hear but the species of zebras is endangered are are falling low in numbers.

8. Social

Zebras usually stay in groups and are usually known to be social animals that look after each other.

Source : unsplash.com

9. Locking joints

Zebras have locking joints, which means they can unconsciously fall asleep while standing without worrying about falling over, this can be found in other hoofed animals like horses and giraffes.

10. Veggie lover

Zebras are herbivores and live off of vegetation.

Source : unsplash.com

11. Jumbo

Zebras are usually smaller than horses with a height range of 1.2 to 1.5 meters.

12. Natives

Zebras are natives of Africa.

Source : unsplash.com

13. Foal

a young Zebra is called a foal.

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14. Water wait

Zebras can go up to a week without water. Usually they are on an outlook for fresh lush green grass but when migrating they can travel without water.

Source : unsplash.com

15. Nonverbal communication

Zebras’ ears say a lot about their feelings and moods. The position of their ears if laid flat or if turned inward all mean something. Zebras have a habit of laying their ears flat in backward position when they are dead serious about something or when they want others to follow orders.

16. Camouflage

The black and white stripes in zebra fail to give them a complete border, because of the white and black color which proves to be helpful in camouflage.

Source : unsplash.com

17. Outlook for danger

Zebras are constantly aware of predators and have excellent defense skills of kicking and biting.

18. Hippo Tigris

In ancient times in Rome Zebras were used to pull the chariots at circuses. The name hippo Tigris literally means horse tigers.

Source : unsplash.com

19. Longer legs

Zebras have long thin legs which help them run fast while escaping from predators. For running it is found that the front legs zebras are longer than their back legs.

20. Wild and free

Zebras, like horses, cannot be trained and are not used for domestic activities because of their carefree and wild behavior. It is said that it is not possible to ride a Zebra!

Source : unsplash.com

21. Romance

Zebras groom each other and bite each other to show affection and social bonds. Stallion is the lead male that has a ‘harem’ of female Zebras along with the young foals.

22. Pest control

Debating on the topic that it is a myth or not, but the stripes on zebras can prove to be pest control as the black and white color confuses the insects and hence repels them.

Source : unsplash.com

23. Zebra crossing

Literally the name zebra crossing is kept after zebra representing their black and white stripes.

24. Foal

A baby foal can start running after an hour of its birth.

Source : unsplash.com

25. Dazzle

A group of zebras is called a dazzle as when in herd it becomes difficult for predators to pick out an individual zebra and hunt for it.

26. Life span

Normal zebras live up to 25 years and even 40 years when kept in zoo.

These were some random yet interesting facts about Zebras. There is a lot more to learn and know about this unique animal! The appearance of these animals might confuse the untrained viewers but their uniqueness cannot go unnoticed.

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