10 Reasons Everyone Should Learn Sign Language

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Of course you have already heard, “This summer I am planning to learn a new foreign language.” But have we ever thought about acquiring a language that would connect us with a community globally? The major reason behind learning sign language would definitely be to communicate with the amazingly talented deaf community but not just that, there are a few more perks that would come along with it.

Here is a list of all reasons everyone should learn sign language:

1. Communicate underwater

Source: okdivers

Scuba diving is a for sure activity on everyone’s bucket list. “Okay” & “Not okay” are not just the only two signs one should know about to communicate underwater. If one knows sign language they could easily pass messages about what they are experiencing at the moment. This will give them an opportunity to share the information quickly with the diving instructor or even their friends who are along.

2. Enjoy a unique visual and spatial language

Source: signsolutions

Sign languages are popularly known for their 3 dimensional characteristics. This makes it a unique visual-spatial language. It gives you the ability to communicate with the help of your body, hand movements, and facial expressions which in itself boost your visual attention and listening skills to an extent you could have never imagined.

3. Chat in a movie theatre

Source: motivatevalmorgan

We always feel like passing comments or jokes during epic movie scenes. But at times it might be disturbing to the people sitting next to us and you don’t want to make a fool out of yourself by acting in such a mannerless way. Don’t worry, sign language is ideal and would certainly pass on your message to your companions even without others noticing it.

4. Add a new dimension to music

Source: lamag

At concerts we see people listening to music and enjoying every beat of it. But have you thought about providing the same musical experience to the deaf people. Yes, there is a way in which they too can feel the music and understand the lyrics during rock shows. It’s through the use of sign language. During a live performance a person can stand right next to the singer and give real time signs to make the deaf community understand the lyrics and have the time of their life.

5. Communicate easily in noisy places

Source: youthkiawaaz

Whether you are at a cricket game, in a crowded market, or in the middle of a concert – no worries. Because you have a superpower that will surely convey your messages to your friends in such noisy settings. This way you won’t miss out on any important instruction or a funny comment all because others are too loud.

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6. Communicate with the deaf community

Source: youthincmag

You can never understand how amazing a person is without having an actual conversation with them. And when it comes to the deaf community they somewhere have a lesser advantage in doing so. But if you take an extra effort to learn sign language you might just open a hundred doors to connect and learn about their life stories.

7. Helps you to become a better listener

Source: ewn

Sign language requires your full concentration and focus towards the other person. It’s not just eye contact but looking at their hands, facial expressions, body moments is equally important. A constant attention towards the speaker will make you a better listener for sure.

8. Gives your brain a good workout

Source: fixesandsolutions

Learning a new language pushes your brain to work a bit harder. By adapting to a fresh language your creative thinking, brain functionality, spatial awareness, mental rotation skill, and cognition increase.

9. Meet people and make new friends

Source: betranslated

If you are learning sign language with other people, you can definitely learn together and get to know each other well through online and offline modes. There are humongous online and offline courses and workshops that tend to have a community within a dedicated Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page so that you can share your experiences and journey together.

10. Communicate with babies

reasons everyone should learn sign language
Source: maed

Toddlers can’t speak a language instantly. It takes years to acquire that, but it is easy to have some basic communication with them through sign language. Kids from age 6 months can begin grasping basic signs and research has shown that teaching them signs can enhance their cognitive development, leading to a better parent and child bonding.


There surely are ample reasons to learn sign language, whether it is to have effective communication, to fulfill your dream, meet some kind hearted people or to make the most out of your free time. There will be a list of reasons to get started with it but you will find even more reasons to stick with it!

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