22 Fun Facts about Tuesday

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Tuesday is apparently just an average day that isn’t too far from the weekend or barely ahead of hump day. This makes it pretty ordinary, but some cultures believe it’s a lucky day while others don’t. In this article we are going to glance through the most famous Tuesdays of all time along with the significance of the day.

Let’s Look at 22 Fun Facts about Tuesday.

1. Release Day for Music 

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Ever since the 1980’s, Tuesday has been the best day to release fresh music. The major reason for it being that is having ample time for the shipment of the music albums. Also it provides them sufficient time to set up the racks prior to the weekend and refill them in case they get sold out early. 

2. Worshiping Day in Hinduism 

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It is a significant day to get all your wishes fulfilled by praying to the deities; Kali, Ganesh, Durga and Hanuman. This day is also observed for people to fast in the Hindu tradition. 

3. Release of Video Games

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This was a marketing strategy by Sega, the director Al Nilsen told its project manager to release the sequel of its hit game ‘sonic the hedgehog’ on a Tuesday, which they would call ‘Sonic 2sday’. This strategy really worked, getting the company a huge fan following and hence all the video game companies followed the trend. 

4. Stockholm’s Tradition of Screaming 

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The residential area of Lappi is located near the Stockholm University in Sweden holds an age-old tradition. On every Tuesday at 10 pm, all the residents of the place scream and release all the stress caused by several university activities. 

5. US Election Day

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The tradition dates back to when the US was an agrarian economy. During the 1800’s, the rural people could travel to the voting stations within one full day. This way they didn’t have to miss on the Biblical Sabbath day Sunday or the market day on Wednesday. 

6. Norse God for Tuesday

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Just like most of the days of the week, Tuesday gets its name from Norse mythology. Freya for Friday, Thor for Thursday, similarly we have Twi for Tuesday. Twi is apparently the Norse god of combat, law and justice.

7. Most Hardworking day

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Research has proven that among all the days of the week Tuesday is the most productive one. According to the survey conducted by Accountemps, this day has high productivity in all spheres. It’s because Monday is the day to catch up, so technically Tuesday is when the actual work begins. 

8. Pancake Day

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Shrove Tuesday is a popular celebration held before the Christian observance of Lent. The day is well known for its pancake fest. A final meal of indulgence prior to the 40 days of Lent. Isn’t this a sweet fact about Tuesday? 

9. Taco Tuesday 

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It’s a marketing strategy by the taco selling food chains where Tuesday is the cheapest day to buy tacos. It’s interesting to know that the American taco chain, Taco John’s, bought this trademark and often takes legal action when other restaurants try to use the name. 

10. Pink Tuesday 

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Tuesday is associated with the color Pink in Hindu culture, apart from this, red is also related with the planet of fire; Mars. The color pink is worn by some Hindus as a belief it appeases the God of War. 

11. 13th Tuesday 

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The Greeks have a bad feeling about Tuesdays but don’t even try and tell them that it’s also the 13th. According to the people from Greece and Spain, Tuesday the 13th is the most cursed day to watch out for. 

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12. Party Time 

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Mardi Gras is a global celebration which has become most popular in New Orleans, Louisiana. The parade is filled with floats while people party on the streets during early morning hours. They even wear beads around the neck during the celebration. It’s a day filled with fun. 

13. Patch Tuesday

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Microsoft has the tradition of releasing new patches for its software on Tuesdays only.

14. Roman Mythology 

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According to the Latin based languages, Tuesday is named after the Roman god of War, Mars. The name is also seen in French for Tuesday, as Mardi. The Spanish, Martes. And Italian, Martedi. 

15. Tuesdays in Japan

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It’s interesting to know that in Japan Tuesday is called ka youbi or “Fire day”. The reason behind this is the planet Mars which is known for its red glow during the night time. Mars in Japan is also known as ‘fire star’.  

16. Confession Day 

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In the catholic tradition (unofficially) Tuesdays are chosen to visit the Priest for confessions. Now that is a good day to come clean. 

17. Lucky or Unlucky

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Tuesday keeps us in a dilemma as it’s considered lucky in some countries while unlucky in others. In Greece, Tuesday is seen as the unluckiest day of the week, because it is the day when Constantinople of the Greek Empire fell. On the contrary in Israel, Tuesday is considered the luckiest day of the week.

18. Lucky in Judaism 

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We just found out how lucky Tuesday is in Israel. But the belief remains constant all throughout the Jewish population in the world. This is because Tuesday is said to be “good” two times within the first chapter of Genesis. 

19. #Tuesday 

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Every day has a special hashtag on Social media platforms. And so does Tuesday, some of which are #TechTuesday for everything digital, #TransformationTueaday for fitness #TuesdayTuneday for new music releases and the last one is #GivingTuesday which encourages charitable donations and volunteerism on Tuesday. 

20. Not a BBQ Day

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A survey in California shows that the least amount of BBQ takes place on Tuesdays compared to all the other days of the week. 

21. Highest Job Applications

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It is surprising to know that Tuesday is also the day where there’s the highest number of job applications submitted for almost all the sectors. I guess people who couldn’t get the resume compiled by Monday go in for a job on Tuesdays. 

22. Likely to be Christmas

Source : unsplash.com

Well, for all the Christmas lovers, this fact is a must-read. Tuesday is the day which has the second highest chance of having a Christmas on it with the first being Thursday.

As ordinary, as we may find this day to be, there are some hidden gems that make the day a special one. Finding out about these unknown facts opens wide doors of knowledge that is still unexplored.

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