20 Astonishing Facts about Earth

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We all have been learning about our planet earth right from the beginning of our school days. Since then, we came to know how earth is the third planet in the solar system, how it isn’t completely spherical in shape, and how it revolves around the sun. We might think we know quite enough about the planet we live on but the fact is, there are still some hidden facts we haven’t heard of yet.

20 Astonishing Facts about Earth

1. Gravity is uneven

Source: phys

The earth isn’t simply a plain landform. There are bumpy and rocky surfaces too which lead to an uneven gravitation field. Only if it was a perfect sphere it would have the same gravitational pull universally.

2. Continuously spinning

Source: discover

It is scientifically proven that earth spins as fast as 1,000 miles per hour which completely depends on where you’re standing. If you are near the equator you will be moving the fastest, but on the other hand on the north and south pole you wouldn’t be moving at all.

3. 4.54 billion years old

Source: howstuffworks

That’s how old earth has turned out to be. The findings by the National Center for Science Education have found this age through the rocks and meteorites that have been found here.

4. 60% population lives in Asia

Source: oxfam

Asia, the largest continent on earth, has a total of 40 countries all throughout the continent. Some of the countries in Asia have the highest population making it a habitat of 60% people of the world.

5. Driest place is next to biggest water body

Source: livetravelfood

You heard it right, the Atacama Desert in Chile is one of the driest places in the whole world. This desert is located right beside the biggest water body – The Pacific Ocean.

6. The Antarctic ice cap has 70% of freshwater

Source: theharvardgazette

Studies by the American Museum of Natural History state that only 3% of the world’s entire water is freshwater and the rest 96% remains to be saline which is found in the ocean.

7. Recycling rock cycle

Source: theyard

The earth has a system of recycling its rocks. First igneous rocks transform into sedimentary rocks, later into metamorphic rocks and then back again.

8. 93 million miles away from sun

Source: readersdigest

The earth is 93 million miles away which is about 150 million kilometers away from the sun. From this distance, it takes 8 minutes and 19 seconds for sunlight to reach the earth.

9. Greenland Shark – Oldest shark

Source: forbes

Scientists at Live Science have found it to be the oldest living shark with no backbone at all. It is said to be 392 years old.

10. Collision formed the moon

Source: wikipedia

Not much information is gathered on how the moon was formed. But in reference to one hypothesis which claims that a planet, asteroid or a comet called Theia collided with earth, which led to debris flying into space. That debris would have led to the formation of the moon.

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11. Northern lights are a sight!

Source: nbc

This happens when particles from the sun collide with the upper atmosphere of earth near the poles. This results in a mesmerizing scenario of a rainbow of lights twinkling in the sky, like a crystal in the sun.

12. General Sherman – Largest tree

Source: travelawaits

The tree located in Sequoia National park in California, is 52,500 feet in volume and is more than 2,000 years old. The trunk of this tree is around 52,500 cubic feet of material.

13. Libya – Hottest place

Source: lovemoney

El Azizia, Libya is the hottest location in the entire world. The place recorded a temperature of about 136 degree Fahrenheit (57.8 degree Celsius) back on September 13, 1922.

14. Earth’s shifting forms mountains

Source: universetoday

Plate tectonics, which is the movement of the earth’s underground rocks, is the main reason for the formation of mountain ranges. The young fold mountain of Himalayas was formed some 40 or 50 million years ago.

15. Mount Everest & Mauna Kea – Tallest mountain

Source: wikimedia

It is around 29,029 feet high above sea level. Also, Mauna Kea, when measured from the base of the summit below sea level to the peak point measures about 56,000 feet.

16. Mawsynram – Wettest place

Source: firstpost

Mawsynram, India holds the highest record of having 10,000 millimeters of rain per year. You can be grateful for the monsoon season for that.

17. Japan – Highest snowfall

Source: bloomberg

Aomori city, Japan is known as the snowiest place in the world. On an average, it records 312 inches of snowfall annually.

18. Stromboli Volcano – Most active volcano

Source: theglobetrottingdetective

Located off the coast of Italy, the Stromboli volcano has been erupting non-stop for more than 2,000 years.

19. Sea level keeps changing

Source: sciencelearn

Sea level on earth has not always remained the same. Theories by NASA show sea levels have been about 230 feet higher than they are now to 390 feet lower in the past.

20. 20 million tons of gold hidden in earth’s oceans

facts about earth
Source: discover

According to the findings of Forbes, there could be around 20 million tons of gold diluted by each liter of seawater.


Earth being the only planet that has life is facing quite a lot of damages caused by us human beings. We need to understand this fact that there is no planet B and hence we should treat this one right.

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