Color Psychology and How Colors Affect Us

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Whenever we see a color, we often associate it with different things, some of us can connect with memories, objects, clothes that we like, or mood swings that we face. Girls can tell you better about mood swings and color schemes. Only black looks good when the mood is not right. Am I right, girls? If I wear green in public, I’m often complimented as a tree. You’re not wrong, because that’s the image we have set for the color green to be recognized. And that’s what we teach our younger ones. The colors we see are simply the wavelengths reflected back to our eyes. Colors play both positive and negative roles in human behavior.

For example, in some religions white is considered as a happy color, the bride wears it on her wedding. And on other hand, for some cultures it may represent sadness; it is worn in grief and death. For each color there is a different emotion attached and a color perception that influences culture, age, gender, etc. Colors are also used in certain techniques to treat numerous ailments.

So let’s learn something about color psychology and how colors affect us

1. Color Red

How colors affect us
Source: Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

In India, red is considered the traditional color to be worn by the brides on their wedding day, as we all know it is the color of love. For men and women, this color appears to be different; however, when it comes to love and passion, it seems to be common for all of us. As we know it has the longest wavelengths of light, it is the first color that a baby can see and process.

Exposure to this color can cause stress and also trigger fights and frustration. You know it’s dangerous when it is in red – it has the ability to grab people’s attention. Stop and be alert when the signal is red, it’s there to trigger your alertness. Red enhances your metabolism and blood pressure which you need when in an alarming situation. It also conveys confidence in you when you wear red, may it be clothes, lipstick, or footwear, it shows you are ready to rock and stand out from the crowd.

2. Color Blue

Source: artincontext

After exposure to the color red, ‘have a look at the color blue, to calm your mind in order to.’ Often used worldwide as the color of trust and is very popularly used by brands. The blue color comes under the spectrum of cool colors. So no wonder it is soothing to our eyes, but it also soothes our illness and treats pain. When a subtle change is made to the hue, the perspective changes.

When black is added to it, we call it navy blue and look at it as a color of power, tradition, and authority. Whereas when white and blue are combined, it is a color of the skies – light blue. It promotes the feeling of tranquility and reliability. Its calming shade makes a gentle impression on us. They are all ‘blue’ just the change of hue can make a difference.

3. Color Yellow

Source: artincontext

Yellow is considered as the happiest color as it is associated with the sunshine. It brings hope, prosperity, and optimism. Yellow color brings in the ability of analytical thinking. This helps in directing towards problem-solving rather than ideal suggestions. It is said that when something is written in yellow, the chances of remembering it are higher than other colors. At the same time, it is an attention grabbing color which makes it good for marketing, but do not over-clutter it otherwise it can make the customers overwhelmed.

Interesting fact to add, babies tend to cry in a yellow painted room. It can make people angry if they are exposed to this color for a longer period of time. Brighter shades can lead to frustration, what you need is the right shade to create a positive atmosphere. Huh? How does it sound so simple but not practical? Looking at this color will bring you optimism, but don’t stare at it for too long, it can cause pessimism. Negativity and positivity both want to go hand in hand it seems.

4. Color Green

Source: Photo by Chris Lee on Unsplash

Green is the base color for the Indian national flag that represents nature. Also well known as the color of Islam. It is a color that evokes high emotion towards nature and is highly connected with growth, money, health, and generosity. We can relate to the term ‘go’ when we see the green light on the traffic signal. ‘Go, grow, and glow’ should be the tagline used when we call out the color green.

In hospitals, the preferred decor color is green as it helps in calming your mind. After looking at blood all around, it is the only color that will make you feel relaxed. Along with its positive feelings, it also indicates jealousy. If you are to begin with a new phase of life use this color to show the new aspects.

5. Color Orange

Source: artincontext

It is also one of the colors in the Indian national flag; it stands for courage and renunciation. In India, this color is well known as saffron and is considered sacred by the Hindu community. Orange is again an attention-grabbing color just like red. Some people love this color or hate it, there is no in-between. In the US, this color is worn by prisoners, but in contradiction, it is linked with royalty. Nature lovers will definitely find it pleasant as they might have observed the beauty of the sun setting and the seasonal transition of autumn leaves where the color changes to orange.

For kids, they have a comical image of this color as they can relate it to Halloween. A playful and friendly color that increases your energy level. Not only that but it also affects human appetite as it increases hunger. Talking about the shades of orange, light shades have an effect of warmth and are considered welcoming, while dark shade is linked with dishonesty.

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6. Color Purple

Source: artincontext

A color so royal and rare to find in nature that only the wealthy could afford it in ancient times. That is why it is called the color of the privileged. Queen Elizabeth II wore a purple robe for her coronation. But in some parts of European culture, this color is associated with mourning and death. Its wavelength is the shortest on the visible light spectrum. The lighter shade of this color is considered to be romantic and represents delicacy whereas the darker tone reflects sorrow and sadness. It is a unique color as it is not found in nature, hence sometimes it appears to be artificial.

7. Color Pink

Source: mymodernmet

The color pink is widely considered to be feminine without a doubt. It’s the color for every little girl and their dolls. The lighter tone of this color highlights the softness and kindness as being associated with the feminine. It has artistic and creative vibes and is not a rare color to be found in nature. Also, for men, this color shouldn’t play a role in their life as it’s meant only for the females. This is the perception they have set for the color pink.

Regardless, pink is the color to supports the breast cancer movement. It also stands for good health, it can stimulate your mind and make anyone more controllable when around it. Around the globe, pink symbolizes happiness, joy, faith, trust, and good fortune. You must be aware of the cherry blossom that takes place during the springtime; it is associated with none other than the pink color.

8. Color Brown

Source: twinavocados

Color brown gives all the natural and earthy vibes, depicting down-to-earth. Tree bark being brown, it is used as furniture to complement black in the interior style. Not just that, it is a widely used color for the interiors to bring in a natural vibe. In the past, brown clothes were worn by people of the lower classes.

We connect brown with trees and the fallen dried leaves.
We connect brown with earth and nature, giving warmth and disclosure.
We connect brown with coffee, to have it in autumn and winter along with chocolate brownies.
We connect brown with spice, in all our meals, with cinnamon it will suffice.

9. Color Black

Source: verywellmind

Well, for starters, black is a color that’s nowhere on the color wheel. It’s an absorption of all colors, if you know you know. It has a different fanbase; each individual reacts to this color differently. But mostly, this color is loved by all. One of the evergreen colors, black is worn by all men and women from all walks of the world and it goes with every possible combination. ‘When in doubt, wear it out.’

It reflects the power within you, highlights your confidence, and evokes your attractiveness. In contradiction, it is a stereotype color recognized for villains and criminals. For some, this color evokes positive vibes, whereas for others, they consider it to be negative. For instance, when a black cat crosses your path it is bad luck or tied with all things evil. It’s a color for mourning and grief in many parts of the world.

10. Color White

Source: weheartit

Considered as the calmest color with utmost purity and innocence. When you wear white or use it in your interiors or for your home decor, it shows perfection. Traditionally, this color was linked with the higher class of the society. For some religions, it is the official color for mourning rituals or worn at funerals. Whereas, in other cultures it has a special place for the brides; it is worn on the wedding day representing the love and purity towards a relationship and new beginnings.

White can be used in situations where balanced proportions are needed. Also a great rescuer from the dark in times of stress and discomfort. Designers know the value of this color, it’s bright and light, adds a touch of sophistication while creating a sense of sterility. Most people prefer the complete white look for their interiors to make a room look larger and spacious.


Your feelings about colors are developed through experience, culture, and attraction. Though we somehow lack the knowledge of color psychology and its effect on our mood swings, and behavioral patterns but in the area of design, creativity, marketing, and art, it’s a topic for discussion. They know the wants of the young and modern era, what they require and what they need for stability, success, happiness, confidence, peace, and modernity.

Because colors have this impact on our life we should let the experts help us in this field for our own benefits and growth. The main takeaway from this color scheme is that color is an important element to be played with in our life and there is no right or wrong color palette, but how it is used has a major impact. Our experiences and our reactions to each color is different. So before choosing a color wait for a few seconds and see what emotion that color evokes in you.

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