20 Crazy Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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You might think you know every trivia out there, but these new facts will baffle you. These are unexpected or unusual pieces of information from the world of science, history, and pop culture that delight and entertain us—and anyone with whom we share them. Once you start, you’ll want to keep reading until your curiosity is satisfied.

20 Crazy Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

1. Black apples exist 

Source: 25hournews

Apples are typically red, though some famous green and yellow varieties exist. But did you know that black apples exist? Black Diamond apples are found in Tibet and are members of the Hua Niu apple family, also known as Chinese Red Delicious. Apart from the black outer color (which is actually a very dark purple), these apples are identical to other Red Delicious apples, right down to the white flesh inside.

2. Cucamelons (or “Mouse Melons”) resemble grape-sized watermelons but taste citrusy

Source: timesunion

Many people enjoy eating watermelons, but have you ever tried a cucamelon? Cucamelons sound like watermelons and look like tiny grape-sized versions of the larger fruit, but they taste like cucumbers and have a citrusy flavor. Cucamelons originated in Mexico and Central America. They can be eaten raw, added to salads, made into salsa, or even pickled.

3. The kangaroo mouse does not require water

Source: animalspot

The kangaroo mouse, despite being named after an Australian animal, lives in the Nevada desert. And because it lives in such a dry climate, it has learned to adapt by getting all of its hydration from the seeds it eats. As a result, the kangaroo mouse never drinks water.

4. Greenland sharks do not reach sexual maturity till the age of 150

Source: forbes

Greenland sharks, also known as gurry sharks or grey sharks, have a long lifespan. They are the world’s longest-living vertebrates, capable of swimming around the ocean for up to 400 years and reaching sexual maturity at the age of 150.

5. The world’s longest bicycle is about 135 feet long 

crazy facts that will blow your mind
Source: reddit

If you’ve tried to ride a tandem bike, you’d know how difficult it can be to get one moving. So imagine how difficult it must’ve been to ride a motorcycle that stretched for 135 feet and 10.7 inches, making it the world’s longest bicycle. Santos and the University of South Australia created the bike in 2015, and a group of cyclists managed to ride it—which was much more comprehensive than normal to compensate for the length, which was over 100 meters.

6. The Philippines consists of 7,641 islands

Source: nationalgeographic

The Philippines is an archipelago. Meaning it is made up of islands—7,641 to be exact. This figure does not compensate for the thousands of sandbars and other landforms that appear at low tide.

7. The term “period” was first used on television in reference to menstruation

Source: youtube

In 1985, in a Tampax commercial, it was said, “Feeling cleaner is more comfortable. It can actually alter your feelings about your period.” Courtney Cox of Friends fame was the actor who made pop culture history. 

8. The very first oranges were not orange

Source: mexiconews

The original Southeast Asian oranges were a tangerine-pomelo hybrid that was green. In fact, oranges in warmer climates, such as Vietnam and Thailand, remain green until maturity.

9. There is only one letter that does not appear in any state name in the United States

Source: usnews

50 states, only 25 letters. Which one’s missing? Can you figure out what this random fun fact is? There’s a Z (Arizona), a J (New Jersey), and even two Xs (New Mexico and Texas)—but no Q.

10. Peanuts are not technically considered nuts

Source: thespruceeats

They’re called legumes. Merriam-Webster defines a nut as “a hard-shelled dry fruit or seed with a separable rind or shell and interior kernel.” This means that walnuts, almonds, cashews, and pistachios are also not nuts. They are seeds.

11. To keep animation simple, most Disney characters wear gloves

Source: kindpng

Walt Disney may have been the first to put gloves on his characters, as seen in Mickey Mouse’s 1929 film, The Opry House. In addition to making animation easier, the gloves serve another purpose. Disney told his biographer that he didn’t want him to have mouse hands because he was supposed to be more human.

12. Clams have legs and feet

Source: seriouseats

While it may appear that clams have a large tongue that occasionally protrudes from their shell to probe the ocean floor, what you’re actually seeing is a foot. The appendage, which is relatively long compared to the creature’s overall size, is used to dig in the sand.

13. Compared to other foods, potato chips cause the most weight gain

Source: beyondthechickencoop

Over a period of four years, each person develops 1.69 pounds on average due to potato chips. Potatoes (1.28 pounds), sugar-sweetened beverages (1.00 pounds), and unprocessed red meats are further fatteners (0.95 pounds).

14. Bananas can’t be reproduced 

Source: greatist

The Cavendish variety of bananas that we all know and adore is actually a cross between two different plant types. It lacks seeds and can only procreate because of farmers, who cut and transplant a portion of the plant’s stem to produce our favorite yellow fruit.

15. Termites are the insects that live the longest

Source: safeguard

Although termite queens live longer than any other insect, cockroaches have existed since the time of dinosaurs. According to some scientists, these fat and downright repulsive creatures can live for up to 100 years.

16. Bees can detect bombs

Source: smithsonianmagazine

Bees may be trained to associate a fragrance with obtaining food as a reward, just like police employ dogs to detect bombs. The beekeeper knows they have a bomb on their hands when they watch the bee extend its proboscis.

17. LEGO is the largest tire manufacturer

Source: coruba

The toy company manufactures more tires than any other manufacturer worldwide, at around 306 million each year. Even though these are tiny toy tires, the fact remains.

18. Naps could save your life

Source: cnet

A midday snooze can boost your creativity, focus, and energy for the rest of the day. However, one study also discovered that they could lower your risk of having a heart attack.

19. Urine was once used as a detergent 

Source: tthme

Yuck! Urine was once used as a detergent because pee contains ammonia, which aids in removing stubborn stains. It was once used to wash clothing. However, some people could choose to wear a soiled garment as opposed to one that smelled like poop!

20. You can’t hum while holding your nose

Source: timsfunfacts

Try it anyway! You couldn’t, I bet! The explanation is that humming necessitates exhaling, which you are unable to do with your mouth and nose closed.


The world is a crazy place. Even the most humdrum, ordinary, everyday things can have a strange backstory—or do something you had no idea they could. Things you’ve taken for granted or that appear perfectly normal can be surprising when you dig a little deeper.

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