Top 20 Fun Facts About Cheese

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Cheese is one of the greatest and amazing inventions in the world of food. Its history dates back to around 4000 years ago when people had started agricultural activities and domesticating animals.

Cheese is usually made from milk of animals like cow, buffalo, goat, and sheep. It is made by curdling the milk of these animals and then removing the whey protein from the curd then pressing and fermenting it. When cheese is made, lactose is converted into lactic acid after which rennet is added for curdling the milk.

Over the course of years, there have been many variations in the cheese-making process. Every region has their own dedicated cheese which has been made using a special method by the locals.

Top 20 Fun Facts About Cheese

1. There are no concrete facts about when was cheese really invented.

fun facts about cheese
Source: livescience

According to some people, it was made accidentally when an Arabian trader was transporting milk in a container made from sheep’s stomach. The rennet present in the lining of the stomach caused the milk to curdle and this is how the very first cheese was made.

2. The art of making cheese

Source: npr

It is believed that travelers from Asia have introduced the art of cheese-making to the English.

3. 1 pound of cheese is made from 10 pounds of milk.

Source: theconomictimes

4. Making cheese was one of the ways of preserving milk in the olden days.

Source: papergreat

5. Today, the world produces more cheese than coffee, tobacco, tea, and cocoa combined.

Source: europa

The world produces around 21.86 million metric tons of cheese in a year with Europe being the top producer with around 10.35 million tons.

6. Wisconsin, in the US, is the cheese producing region of the world.

Source: culture

With a production of 3.36 billion pounds in a year, 90% of milk produced there is used in cheese-making.

7. Largest cheese wheel

Source: wpr

Also known as a truckle of cheese, the world’s largest cheese wheel was reported to weigh around 20,462 pounds.

8. Until 1815, cheese-making was limited to the household.

Source: nationalhistoric

After that it got commercialized and the first cheese factory was inaugurated in Switzerland. Today, Nestle is the largest producer of milk and cheese products in the world.

9. Most expensive cheese in the world

Source: eduindex

It’s the pule donkey cheese which is priced at $1130 per kilogram. It is a Siberian cheese that is made from 40% goat milk and 60% Balkan donkey milk.

10. Aging of cheese

Source: clovercreekcheese

It is a complex process; the cheese is aged for a period of time which gives out a nutty, caramelized flavor. This process requires skilled cheesemakers who can age the cheese in the perfect climate, temperature, storing containers, humidity, etc.

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11. Among all the fast food chains, pizza hut uses the most amount of cheese worldwide.

Source: swiggy

The cheese used amounts to around 300 million pounds.

12.There is a type of cheese known as ‘blue vein cheese.’

Source: britannica

These types of cheese are semi-soft in texture and have shades of blue and green within them. Blue cheese is usually kept in temperature-controlled areas such as caves. The oldest known blue cheese is Gorgonzola which was made in 879 AD.

13. Blue cheese has a certain odor.

Source: culture

This odor comes from a special bacteria known as brevibacterium linen. This is the same bacteria that causes foot and body odor in humans.

14. The most common cheese recipe in the world is Mac n Cheese.

Source: pinchofyum

15. The greatest gift given to Queen Victoria.

Source: historyofyesterday

She was given a giant wheel of cheddar cheese that weighed over 1000 pounds.

16. Ed Zahn, a cheese maker from Wisconsin, has made the oldest cheese in the world.

Source: wattpad

The cheese is 40 years old. Apparently, it is so old that it can only be consumed in small doses.

17. Turophiles is a term used for people who love cheese.

Source: medium

18. Naturally aged parmesan is found to be good for lactose intolerant people.

Source: clevelandclinic

This cheese also has less sugar content.

19. Cheese is the most popular flavor of popcorn worldwide.

Source: amaizen

20. There are around 2000 varieties of cheese.

Source: flamingotravels


Cheese is a boon that the world has got. Only a true gastronome will know the value of good cheese and appreciate its flavors. All cheeses of the world have distinguished characteristics and flavors. A cheese enthusiast should definitely try to make a cheese board so that they can try the different types and experience the mesmerizing flavors. We should try to keep this tradition of cheese-making so the future generations can enjoy it.

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