30 Fun Facts About Monday

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The moment you realize it’s Monday, you lose all your consciousness and wonder, how come the weekend vanished so early?

Most of us hate getting up early on a Monday morning either for work or for school. You have to follow the same monotonous routine back again, which becomes quite a task. As boring as the day may sound there still are some interesting facts about it.

30 Fun Facts About Monday

1. Ideal Day To Start Something

Source: jeffgoins

Being the first day of the workweek, it often is the beginning of a new routine, skill, or workout. Monday is supposedly a day full of motivation and productivity to do something new.

2. Total 52 Mondays In A Year

Source: langeek

A year consists of 365 days out of which 52 are Monday. Which is a total of 14% time in the entire year. So rather than just ranting about it every week, why not just use it productively?

3. Least Rainy Day

Source: inc

Not everyone loves rain and especially when you are all decked up for work. According to the studies it is most unlikely to have rainfall on Mondays. Isn’t this some good news? So next time don’t worry about carrying an umbrella at work on Mondays.

4. Nutella Was Launched

Source: insider

That one spoonful of Nutella is the answer to all our questions. And yes, the product was released in the market on a Monday. Ever since that day, this chocolate spread has brought about a storm in the market. And till today, we all have that one bottle sitting on our shelves almost empty.

5. Mickey Mouse Debut

Source: cordcutters

As much as we all love the cartoon Mickey mouse, it’s hard to believe that its first television appearance happened on a Monday. And if Mickey mouse has the energy to show up on Monday, then we should too!

6. Nuclear Bomb On Hiroshima

Source: deccanherald

One of the most fatal attacks in the history of mankind is on the Japanese city of Hiroshima by the USA during the 2nd world war. This happened on the 6th of August 1945 on Monday. The damages of this explosion are evident to date.

7. 1, 2, And 7 Lucky For Monday

Source: speeli

According to numerology, numbers 1, 2, and 7 are supposedly lucky on Mondays. The numbers signify prosperity, unity, creation, duality, and a lot more. It’s best if the month has the 1st, 2nd, or 7th date on Monday.

8. Fasting Day In Many Religions

Source: foodandnutrition

Some religions namely Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism believe that Mondays have a strong spiritual correspondence. According to Islam, the prophet was said to be on a Monday. Judaism has faith that fasting on Mondays will bring them immense blessings.

9. The Titanic Sank On Monday

Source: britannica

The ship sank on the 14th of April, 1922, on a Monday. The incident led to the death of 1,500 passengers and ship personnel. We’re sure your Mondays won’t be this bad. You still can take the risk and go out on a boating adventure.

10. YouTube Was Launched

Source: logowine

YouTube has become an inseparable part of everyone’s life. Let that be tutorials, funny cat/dog videos, web series, or stand-ups – YouTube has it all. And this online streaming service was introduced to us on a Monday in 2005.

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11. Invest In Stocks

Source: oso.edu

According to the statistics, the US market rises on Mondays. So the next time you are planning to buy some stocks, Monday will be the lucky day to bear you most of the profits. Whatever you do in the stock market, do it on Monday.

12. Beatles’ Appearance On Television

Source: nbc

We all go gaga over the Beatles’ songs. The entire world knows about them and they are a huge success in the music industry. Surprisingly, their first appearance on television was on a Monday. And that day certainly changed their lives making them international celebrities.

13. Day To Socialize

Source: harvard

One of the reasons why people hate the day so much is because they have to go out and socialize. Research has proven that staying away from a work-related social circle for a weekend makes us feel like there is an urgent need to secure our place in our social work environment.

14. Best Day To Buy A Car

Source: gobankingrates

Most people can make time from their busy schedules only on the weekends and that’s when they go to buy a car. But if you are planning to buy one, Monday would be the best day as you will get no rush and more of the salesperson’s time and attention.

15. Garfield Hates Mondays

Source: clickup

The orange, lasagna-loving cartoon character was popular for hating Mondays. Some of its dialogues that prove this are, “I’m a Friday person in a Monday world” and “Pardon my Monday face.”

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16. History Of Islam

Source: muslim

According to Islamic studies, Prophet Mohammed was born on a Monday. In addition to this, it is also claimed that he received the Quran from God on a Monday. Other traditions also found out that the prophet regularly fasted on Mondays.

17. Hershey’s Kisses Were Made On A Monday

Source: forbes

Hershey’s Kisses have a special place in the hearts of chocolate lovers. One of the sweetest Monday facts is that the company made its first Kisses on Monday, July 1st, 1907.

18. Jesse Owens Won A Gold Medal On Monday

Source: europeana

Jesse Owens is a track and field athlete who performed for his native USA in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. In this competition, he secured four gold medals and by doing so, dashed Nazi Germany’s hopes of using the Olympics to celebrate white superiority on the world stage.

19. Silver – Metal for Monday

Source: thetimes

Monday has an association with the moon and since the color of the moon is silver, so is its metal. Now you know that Monday is the perfect day to flaunt your silver jewelry.

20. “What happened to Monday” – An Amazing Film

fun facts about monday
Source: theverge

The movie isn’t really about the day Monday rather it’s the name of a woman. The movie shows a post-apocalyptic world that is sure to pull you in and make your boring Monday a bit better.

21. Miracle Monday

Source: supermanhomepage

DC fans, where you at? There was a novel called Miracle Monday written by Elliot S. Maggin. It involved Superman fighting a demon from hell who tried to break his sense of morality.

22. Segregation Became Illegal

Source: oah

May 17th, 1954, a Monday, was when segregation of schools based on skin color became unconstitutional in the US. It was a racist practice that discriminated against the admission of students based on their skin color.

23. Most Number Of Suicides

Source: apa

According to statistics, a lot of people committed suicide on a Monday, when the new millennium began on January 1st, 2000, and this was mostly witnessed in the UK. It was called the ‘new beginning’ theory, which suggested that people become suicidal when transitioning into a new period.

24. Monday “Connection”

Source: psypost

Another UK fact – internet usage is the highest on Mondays in Britain. Well, that could have something to do with the start of the week.

25. Looking Good, Or Not?

Source: time

Americans tend to feel the most unattractive on a Monday as compared to other days of the week.

26. Dynamo

Source: channelfutures

Letters of the word ‘Monday’ can be rearranged into ‘dynamo.’ How cool!

27. Online Shopping

Source: nerdwallet

While we love adding stuff to our online cart all the time, most people go for some online shopping on Mondays more than any other day of the week.

28. Weight a minute!

Source: prevention

Monday is the day when you are going to weigh the most. That must be because of the weekend binge.

29. Stress Day

Source: hsseworld

Professionals over the age of 40 are more likely to suffer from stress on Mondays.

30. Sleep-Deprived Mornings

Source: goodhousekeeping

Mondays are the most sleep-deprived days, according to studies. The extra snooze you get on weekends throws off your body clock, which results in waking up late.


No matter how much we hate this day there are still some perks to it. It all depends on us, whether we want to waste it being a loaf or do something productive.

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