5 Rules of Eating Fruits

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Fruits are the healthiest foods to eat. They are recommended by all types of healthcare experts for all goals whether it is weight loss, recovery, or maintenance. However, that doesn’t mean we can eat them at any time, in any way, shape, or form and expect that it will only have good results for us.

If we do not follow the right way, it can be very difficult for the body to digest and take in all the amazing nutrients that they are loaded with and it can also lead to some disorders such as acidity, bloating, and hair fall to name a few. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the right way to eat fruits. This way they can serve as a boon for a sustainable lifestyle.

5 Rules of Eating Fruits

Rule No. 1: Don’t eat fruits post meals

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Fruits should never be consumed along with a meal whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They should always be consumed as a whole meal by itself without adding anything else to it. Also, eat only one kind at a time. This provides the body with the nourishment it needs to function optimally.

We love to eat fruits as a dessert and we think that it’s a smarter option than eating a pastry. But the truth is that if the fruit is eaten with a meal, it does not get digested properly and it can cause acidity, bloating, or other issues. Also, we lose out on a lot of precious benefits that we think we are getting just because we had a fruit.

Rule No. 2: Eat whole fruits

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Ideally, fruits should not be turned into juices, milkshakes, smoothies, or any other recipe. The best way to eat it is the way it is, whole, with skin. When we turn them into juices and strain them, the fiber content and nutritive value goes down. It becomes high in glycaemic index and we are prone to consume more fructose than we actually need. Syrups, pulps, and packaged juices are out of question. Just avoid them completely. It is okay to have refreshing fruit drinks once in a while if they are fresh. But, to get the most out of fruits, it is best to have them whole.

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Rule No. 3: Don’t store cut fruits

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We are always on the go and busy in this fast-paced world, so it is very convenient for us to cut the fruits and prepare them a night before and store them in a refrigerator. If we cut and store them for a long period of time, we are essentially having sweet nothings because gradually, all the nutritional quotient is lost and it gets oxidized. So, it is important that we cut the fruit just before eating it.

Rule No. 4: Go local

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The wise decision is to always eat the fruits which are grown locally, available seasonally and as fresh as they can be. The reason being – the combination of nutrients is according to the surroundings and climate and the process of digestion and assimilation also takes place according to the climate and the surrounding.

For people who live in in hot or tropical areas, the likes of papaya, mangoes, bananas, are really good. For people who live in cold conditions, apple, peaches, oranges, plums are good options. It is a myth that only all imported or exotic fruits are superior. All kinds are amazingly nutritious and each one is unique and equally healthy. Don’t be restricted to only certain favored fruits. Eat a diverse variety of local and seasonal produce.

Rule No. 5: Don’t eat them at night

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The digestive system slows down and it is more difficult to absorb the goodness from fruits after sunset. So, they should not be consumed at night. This can cause weight gain, acidity, and disrupted sleep cycle. Make a habit to eat fruits before 6 pm.

The right way to eat fruits

The best time to eat fruits is first thing in the morning after waking up on an empty stomach. Here you can go for something easy to digest such as papaya or banana. It is the most ideal scenario to eat them before 12:00 p.m. as the digestive system can easily assimilate all nutrients. They serve as the best option for a post workout meal or a mid-meal during the day, 2 hours before lunch or two hours after lunch in the evening.

There should be some gap between eating the fruit and having your tea/coffee. Eat them whole and cut just on time. The best fruits you can eat are the ones that are available locally and in season. You should definitely consume a wide variety of fruits according to your preferences.

The Bottom Line

Indeed, fruits are very nutritious, wholesome, and great for the body. If you follow these ‘fruit rules,’ you can get the most out of them, enjoy all your favorites without hesitation and reap their amazing benefits! Suppose you have 6 meals in a day, 3 main and 3 small meals, then you can have them 3 times in a day as a small meal. This will keep you energized throughout the day. You can plan your fruit intake according to your eating routine and how many meals you have in a day.

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