15 Mind-Blowing Psychological Facts To Make Your Life Easier

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The human psyche is immensely complicated, which is why fresh research is published every day that helps to explain why we are the way we are. You can master anything in the world if you can master the human mind. We can’t offer you a neuroscience lesson here, but we can teach you some easy tactics that will be beneficial for you in your daily life and relationships. These helpful nuggets and tips will help to make your life easier!


15 Mind-Blowing Psychological Facts To Make Your Life Easier

1. The Color Blue Boosts Your Productivity

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Blue is a pleasant colour that can help you relax and concentrate. It’s no surprise then, that blue is a popular choice for office décor. It enhances focus and enables effective communication. If you want to get right to the point, blue is a great choice. Combining blue and orange will not only make you more productive, but it will also help to balance your thoughts and emotions

2. Confidence > Appearance 

Psychological Facts To Make Your Life Easier
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Talk confidently if you want to persuade someone of something. When a confident individual approaches you, they immediately put you at ease. When you’re out at a pub or club, confidence makes a big impression. The best thing is that “fake it until you make it” works better in the realm of confidence than it does in almost any other situation.

3. Eye Contact Signals A New Turn In A Conversation!

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What is found in a good conversation? How do you communicate? Certain words, smiles, and gestures keep the conversation going. But, have you ever wondered what a conversation would be like while having eye contact? It’s intimate. It’s connected. It’s attractive. It’s deep. It is like we feel most profoundly engaged with, and most connected to our conversational partner when those qualities hum along together as if we are in sync with them.

4. To Outweigh A Single Negative Thought, It Takes Five Positive Things!

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Our brains have a “negativity bias,” which causes us to recall negative news more often than positive news. Bad thoughts are processed more thoroughly than good ones. Not only that, even when the positive and negative levels are identical, the negative is greater. Considering this, it’s important to have at least five positive experiences to balance out a negative experience.

5. Journaling Reduces Stress!

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It’s a universal truth that writing helps you reduce stress. To relieve stress through journaling – write in-depth about feelings and thoughts regarding stressful events, just like one would in therapy, and brainstorm solutions. It’s also a wonderful problem-solving tool; on paper, it’s frequently easier to work through a matter and come up with solutions.

6. Playing Video Games Can Help You Achieve Your Goals!

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Insomniacs are advised to stay away from devices at night, yet a study reveals that playing video games before bed increases the likelihood of “lucid dreaming.” If you want to be the master of your dreams and make them more realistic and simple to manage, since both video games and night dreams reflect parallel realities, you should start playing video games. Another reason to play video games? You can use it to keep nightmares at bay!

7. After Midnight, We Can’t Help But Express Our Inner Emotions And Say All Our Secrets!

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Emotions are a natural aspect of life that must be experienced and expressed. And when people are worried and fatigued, they tend to expose their true inner emotions. Therefore if your ex approaches you around midnight without consuming any alcohol, there’s a chance he still likes you deep down.

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8. If You Assume Someone Is Looking At You, Try This!

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If you have the impression that someone is keeping an eye on you, simply yawn and have a look around. Because yawning is incredibly contagious, if someone is truly following you, they can’t help themselves and yawn together! 

9. Those Who Are Glad To Encourage People Are Always Generous!

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It may appear small, but the greatest approach to determine whether or not that person is truly compassionate is to observe his behaviour. If they show signs of encouraging others or providing motivating comments, there’s a high possibility they are kindhearted. These two aspects are strongly intertwined.

10. The Direction Of The Feet Can Indicate The Interest Of A Person In Chatting With You! 

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This one is important since you can tell if someone loves conversing with you just by looking at their feet. If their feet point in your direction, it suggests they like you. If their feet face away from you in the opposite direction, this is a strong indication that they want to quit the conversation.

We can always fool others with our facial expressions (false smiles), but our limbs are always more trustworthy, thus this trick is quite accurate!

11. People Will Subconsciously Look At The Person They Like When A Group Of Friends Laughs Together!

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Many body language studies have revealed that when people in a group start laughing, they will look toward the person with whom they feel the most comfortable. When your crush is one of your buddies, you’ll look at him when you laugh, even if you don’t realize it. This is the easiest way to know if someone is into you. 

12. Thinking To Avoid Procrastination? 

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If you have a lot of work to do and are tempted to procrastinate, remind yourself of the tasks for the following day before going to bed. You prime your brain to act on them by doing so, and your brain starts working on how to finish them while you sleep.

Active procrastinators are a subcategory of procrastinators who do something similar. These people wait till the very last minute when the pressure increases, but their brain is busy doing something productive in the background.

13. To Build Trust, Share Some Of Your Little Secrets! 

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Disclosing secrets might be tough, but this “Self Confession” trick may be known to you already since it always works! You can disclose some little secrets, making the listener feel as though they are someone special to you. This also encourages them to reveal their secrets to you! This allows you to swiftly form a personal relationship with the person you choose.

14. Avoid Being In The Middle Of The Interview If You Want To Stand Out! 

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Our memories are finite and we can’t recall everything, we’ll automatically pay less attention to the performer who appears in the middle of the show. People are always more energized when they first meet someone; nevertheless, as time passes, they may become bored and sleepy, which is normal human behaviour. When the last candidate is interviewed, however, there will be a surge of energy since they realize this exhausting procedure is finally coming to a close. They’ll unconsciously associate their enjoyment with you, and you’ll have a high probability of being remembered.

15. People Will Have More Facial Expression And Hand Gestures When They Talk about Something Genuine!

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Observe a person’s facial expression and hand gestures to see whether they are lying to you. If a person is lying, their brain simply does not have the room or energy to make a fake hand gesture. They also have a more serious expression on their face than normal.


So these were the 15 fascinating psychological ideas to help you live a happier life! Psychological facts that explain human behavior and everything that may help you understand some of the patterns you’ve noticed in yourself and others.

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